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Y2K trends have been resurrecting faster than zombies in an apocalypse since this past year, and we’re not complaining! From ombre lips to icy lids, we’ve brought it all back, but now is the time for a truly amazing yet underrated Y2K trend to come back and stay for good to make us look fabulous—the beauty stickers!


01. What are beauty stickers?

What are beauty stickers?

Image courtesy: @ donni.davy


Beauty stickers are a makeup trend from the late ‘90s, and early ‘00s wherein pearl, holo or eyeliner stickers were all the rage! You just pick a sticker of your choice, stick it on your eyes or face in a pattern of your liking and voila, done! Read on to know how it was revived and whether it's here to stay.


02. How did the trend find its way back to our vanities?

How did the trend find its way back to our vanities?

Image courtesy: @ Glamour 

It started with Olivia Rodrigo’s album cover last year, followed by the oh-so-famously stunning rhinestone makeup on Maddy from Euphoria S1. Since then, the rhinestone eyes and lips have flooded social media and the fashion world, paving the way for more beauty stickers to chime in!


03. Is the trend here to stay?

Is the trend here to stay?

Image courtesy: @ haileybieber

Well, while trends are notoriously famous for disappearing into thin air, we believe this one is here to stay for a good time! With celebrities like Hailey Baldwin Bieber sporting a holo eyeliner sticker to Lil Nas X, Storm Reid, Ella Emhoff, and Julia Garner each flaunting 3D eye decals during Met gala, it’s safe to say, this trend is just getting started!