It’s raining beauty tips! We’re not sure what’s in the air, but our favourite celebrities have been dropping their tried, tested beauty hacks for everyone to try. This time, we got a peek into Ananya Panday’s skincare and hair care routine. What impresses us more than the humble act of sharing it all is that these beauty secrets are super simple and require basic kitchen ingredients.


Ananya Panday’s Skincare Secret

Ananya Panday’s Skincare Secret

Image Courtesy: Ananya Panday

The Gehrayian actress states that she always sets 10-15 minutes aside every night for her skincare routine. She considers this time to be her ‘me-time’ and believes it’s important to be consistent with skincare. For her glowing skin, Ananya relies on a DIY face mask that is incredibly easy to use. All the ingredients she uses in this mask can be found around your house at any given time. So march right up to your kitchen, get a mixing bowl and get ready!

Her 3-ingredient face mask includes honey, yoghurt and turmeric. Previously, another B-town star, Alaya F revealed that the secret behind her flawless skin was none other than good ol’ haldi. And now, we have Ananya Panday swearing by its benefits. Mix the three ingredients in a bowl to form a thin paste and apply it all over your face. But that’s not all. The 23-year-old actress spilt all her beauty secrets for her fans - including her haircare regime.


Ananya Panday’s Hair Care Secret

Ananya Panday’s Hair Care Secret

Image Courtesy: Ananya Panday

Ananya turns to a relaxing hair champi once a week to keep her hair healthy. That’s right, a hair oil massage is all it takes to get gorgeous hair like your favourite Bollywood diva. A while ago, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja also disclosed that she maintains her long, luscious hair by oiling it once in a while. These two have proven that if a beauty trick works, it works - no matter how long it’s been around.

Benefits of the ingredients:


01. Honey:

Honey DIY Mask

One of nature’s best gifts to mankind has to be honey. It has countless benefits, including a bunch of beauty perks. Due to its antiseptic properties, honey makes a good skincare ingredient for acne-prone skin. It is also antibacterial, which helps in balancing destroying bacteria on the skin, leading to fewer breakouts. Raw honey is a natural humectant and adds a glow to the skin. Because of its water-retaining abilities, it keeps the skin hydrated, but does not make it oily or greasy.


02. Yoghurt

Yoghurt DIY Mask

Yoghurt is a dry skin saviour. It treats and repairs dry and itchy skin. It helps get rid of flakiness by moisturising your skin from deep within. It also acts as a mild exfoliant on dry skin by removing scaly skin on top. Additionally, yoghurt has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe and calm irritated skin.


05. Turmeric

Turmeric DIY Mask

Turmeric or haldi is a skincare all-rounder. It heals wounds, reduces acne, adds glow, provides anti-ageing benefits and improves skin texture - what more can we ask for! Turmeric has loads of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant qualities that will help you achieve smooth and soft skin. In the long run, it makes your skin taut and young by repairing sun damage. Consumption of turmeric and using it topically, have been proven to deliver excellent results.

Main image courtesy: Ananya Panday