5 Beauty Trends That Are Set To Dominate Spring/Summer 2022

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 5 beauty trends that are set to dominate spring/summer 2022

From ear makeup (no, we're not joking) to full-blown body glitter, the spring/summer 2022 beauty trends that we spotted on the runway this year were all about one thing: Having fun! While a month may have passed since we first saw the shows, our brains are still reeling from the plethora of stunning beauty trends that we can't wait to try. And as we wait for spring/summer 2022 to arrive already, we're here to kickstart your day with a few of our fave beauty trends from the spring/summer 2022 runways. Read on...


01. Graphic eye makeup

05. Hair accessories

Image courtesy: @emrata

From Milan to Paris, it seems like every brand understood the assignment and created their own rendition of the graphic liner craze that's been trending for a little over a year now. Don't be afraid to experiment with vivid pastels, intense bold shadows, and more, and you're good to go!


02. Face painting

05. Hair accessories

Image courtesy: @dazed

Yup, actually painting your face! We've always known that makeup was an art form, but this really takes the cake and proves to us once and for all why makeup artists are called 'artists.' Whether you're inspired by a painting, nature, or any other visual you like, consider your face your canvas — and come spring 2022, embrace this beauty trend.


03. Middle-part

05. Hair accessories

Image courtesy: @irinashayk

Gen Z if you're listening, we think you've won the debate. Middle parts dominated the runways, with the simple silhouette being spotted at Proenza Schouler, BOSS, and more. NGL, we're so glad — finally a fuss-free hairstyle we can make our own.


04. Glitter galore

05. Hair accessories

Image courtesy: @blumarine

If you're all about the OTT glam life, here's a beauty trend from the spring/summer 2022 runway that will help you be spotted from a mile away. All-over body glitter is all the rage RN, and the only rule to follow when opting for this trend: the more shimmer, the better.


05. Hair accessories

05. Hair accessories

Image courtesy: @annasui

Whether you're big on headscarves, have an inclination towards beads or clips, or even if you caught on to the butterfly clips trend earlier this year — you'll be pleased to know that you can kiss bad hair days goodbye since 2022 is the year of hair accessories all around. We love to see it.

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