2022 seems to be filled with eccentric beauty trends begging to be experimented with. And it’s time for us to jump aboard this trend train to level up our beauty game. So let’s quickly take a stroll through this year’s biggest anticipated beauty trends that are all over the internet!


01. Over The Top Eyeliner

Over The Top Eyeliner Beauty Trends

Image courtesy: @POPSUGAR

The haute couture week in Paris made one thing clear – graphic, over the top, eyeliners are THE thing this year. From Dior to Chanel drawing graphic liners on their models to Julia Fox and Kanye West’s making their couple debut with Julia sporting a bold black liner. Everything screamed avant-garde, bold and glam.

Our favourite way to recreate such wild eye looks is by using the Lakmé 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal. The super creamy and rich formula is extremely malleable and lasts for hours on end. It also comes with a fine brush that makes the most intricate looks pretty simple to create.


02. Euphoric Nails

Euphoric Nails Beauty Trends

Image courtesy: @lyla

We cannot talk about 2022 trends without mentioning Euphoria. From setting the tone for makeup, fashion and hair this year, the latest inspo from this hit show are the nails! Kat’s nails inspired by Mugler have been doing rounds on social media anticipated to become the biggest nail trend of 2022. Another nail trend from this show to try out are Cassie’s pink manicures - we love it!


03. Lilac Eyeshadow

Lilac Eyeshadow Beauty Trends

Image courtesy: @M A R

We cannot skip pastels on any given day this year because they have been the booming colours in makeup since the past year. And of course, this year it is the lilac eyeshadow. The frosty yet glam look they give is what makes them the best eyeshadow trend of this year and we’re here for it!


04. Horizontal Highlights

Horizontal Highlights Beauty Trends

Image courtesy: @badgalriri

Honestly, no one expected this to come back in 2022! From being brushed off as bizarre and off-beat in the 2000s to being Rihanna’s go-to hairstyle this year, horizontal highlights have come a long way. But of course, as discussed earlier, 2022 is the year when all the outlandish trends find their home. But side note - why does seeing Rihanna in these red horizontal highlights make us want one like NOW?


05. Cold skincare

Cold Skincare Beauty Trends

Trade-in your saunas for ice baths this year because cold skincare is now bigger than ever. ‘Cold beauty’ is an umbrella term for skincare that taps into the reviving of coldness. From ice plunge pore masks to ice globes and dermatological procedures which amalgamate lasers with exposure to cold this year is all about getting any and every measure to make sure your skin glows.