4 Beauty Trends That Are A Must-Try In 2022!

Written by Nida SayyedJul 15, 2022
4 beauty trends that are a must-try in 2022!

Trends come and go, and every year we see something new. 2021 gave us a plethora of options with a mix of ‘90s fashion, Y2K styles and a colourful explosion in makeup, straight from the ‘80s. And if 2021 was so eventful for fashion and beauty, we can’t help but get excited for what 2022 has in store for us. We’ve dug out our top four trends you need to try in 2022.


01. Let your grey down

Conscious beauty purchasing

Silver or grey hair is all the rage right now. We’re finally accepting that ageing is not a bad thing, and grey hair looks pretty good! All the celebrities are going the au naturel route, and we think it’s worth giving a shot. Start by growing your hair out without any root touch-ups. Once you have 1-2 inches of grey hair at the base, you can hit the nearest salon for the most natural-looking grey streak or colour treatment of your choice. And for next time, just let your hair grow in its natural tones of grey.


02. Accessorise your hair with care

Conscious beauty purchasing

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Eye makeup and hairstyles were pretty much all we could focus on in the last couple of years. Studded clips, scrunchies and headbands were seen everywhere on social media in 2021, and it’s still going strong. Beauty junkies have been loving hair accessories, and we take this as a hint to invest in some right away. Not only are these super cute and trendy right now, but silk scrunchies also help to reduce hair fall. What are you waiting for? Amp up your hair game today!


03. Bangs are back

Conscious beauty purchasing

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New year, new hair! Long, straight cut hair will always be a classic but bangs are super stylish right now. Olivia Rodrigo’s curtain bangs started a wave in 2021, and soon, curtain bangs and wolf cuts were all over the internet. Ditch your regular hairstyle and get onboard with some cute bangs that frame your face well. Pick a style that suits your face shape, or ask your hairdresser for a look that compliments you best.


04. Conscious beauty purchasing

Conscious beauty purchasing

With the market flooded with brands and options, consumers are making mindful decisions while purchasing new beauty products. Many people now prefer cruelty-free, vegan, parabens, and toxin-free products. Some brands are also taking the extra initiative by recycling and making eco-friendly packaging. Hundred per cent on board for the go green initiative!

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