By now, we are sure you know that hydration is undoubtedly the key to healthy skin. But do you feel like no matter how many layers of moisturiser you apply, it somehow never seems to be enough? Well, same pinch!

But fret not, because we have the perfect solution to this problem. Enter: Squalane. For those of you who are clueless, squalane is an extremely lightweight oil derived from various plant-based sources such as olives, wheat germ oil and rice bran. This unsung skincare hero possesses umpteen skin benefits, especially for dry and dehydrated skin.

Scroll down to read about all the amazing benefits of squalane for the skin.


01. Prevents moisture loss

Prevents moisture loss

Most people suffer from dry and dehydrated skin because they have a compromised skin barrier. This prevents your skin from retaining moisture for longer periods and ends up looking dry. Using a product formulated with squalane like the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque can help restore moisture in dehydrated skin. The emollient properties of squalane prevent epidermal water loss to keep the surface of your skin supple and hydrated, making it an excellent choice for people with dry skin.


02. Is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

10 to 12 percent of our skin’s natural oil is made up of squalane. But as we grow older, our skin tends to lose its natural moisturising properties, making it look dry and damaged. But adding squalane oil to your skincare routine helps replenish it by delivering intense moisturisation. And because squalane is naturally found in the body, it rarely causes any allergic reactions, making it ideal for sensitive skin.


03. Won’t cause acne flare-ups

Won’t cause acne flare-ups

One of the best things about squalane oil is its lightweight texture. This ensures that it is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving behind any greasiness. This makes it totally suitable for people with super oily and acne-prone skin type as well.


04. Fights inflammation


A compromised skin barrier is the leading cause of inflammation and skin irritation, leading to problems such as rosacea, acne, eczema and psoriasis. But squalane oil helps in repairing your skin’s barrier function and helps reduce inflammation. The calming and nourishing qualities of this oil minimise skin irritation and keep your skin soft, supple and healthy.


05. Fights premature signs of ageing

premature signs of ageing

The intensely nourishing quality of squalane oil helps in delivering intense moisture to dry and damaged matures skin. It helps seal moisture in the skin to prevent the appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles. Regularly using a squalane-infused serum like the Dermalogica PowerBright TRx C-12 Pure Bright Serum can eliminate pigmentation, even out the skin tone and make your skin look plump, healthy and youthful.