The post-pandemic world has undergone an undeniable change. Our beauty routine, too, has changed for the good as we search for ‘convenience’, ‘safety’, and ‘self-care’ in the products we purchase. Instead of looking for ways to cover our so-called flaws, we now look for ways to deal with the issue at the granular level. From loading our skincare cabinets with potent formulas to optimising our nighttime routine for maximum results, we’re doing it all. And guess what? We’re not stopping anytime soon. The trend reports are in, and the biggest skincare trends of 2022 are all about supercharging our routines to achieve our best skin yet. Read on for the biggest skincare trends of 2022.


01. Highly-concentrated skincare saviours

Highly-concentrated skincare saviours

Most of us have scoured online aisles in search of skincare products infused with highly-concentrated ingredients that deliver on their promises. We’ve stocked our repositories with potent actives like retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, and we will continue salvaging our skin with these science-backed hero ingredients well into 2022.


02. Skincare as a form of self-care

Skincare as a form of self-care

Who hasn’t indulged in self-care before sleeping? It’s almost a ritual to layer our faces with overnight masks, serums, and homemade concoctions to rid our skin of impurities, and rejuvenate it. Since our skin repairs itself more effectively during these hours of inactivity, overnight routines claimed centre-stage during the pandemic as de-stressors, or as an outlet to switch off. And we’re hooked.


03. Advanced nighttime routine

Advanced nighttime routine

All of us adhere to a ritualised daytime skincare regimen, but a P.M routine is just as important to maintain the health of our skin. A pre-sleep routine defined by serums, masks, and balms is projected to gain momentum in the community for its ability to deliver effective outcomes and offer solutions to our primary skin-related concerns.


04. Skinification of underarms

Skinification of underarms

Up until now, products for the underarms were formulated with the idea of eliminating odour. But as we try to direct the same amount of care and attention to our delicate underarms as our faces, a lot of brands are crafting products that moisturise, cleanse, tone, and deodorise the area as well. Expect to see products for our underarms containing skin-loving ingredients in 2022 — we’re talking hyaluronic acid, prebiotics, and CBD.