5 Common Sunscreen Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Rn

Written by Anyuktha NallaniApr 04, 2023
 5 common sunscreen mistakes you need to stop making RN

Sunscreen has been established as an essential part of our skincare routine irrespective of whether we’re stepping out of the house or staying in all day. But there are still some common faux pas we make while applying it that might be tarnishing our skin’s health and not providing optimal protection. Here are five common mistakes you need to keep at an arm’s length to not only make the most of your sunscreen but also to keep your skin’s health and glow intact.


01. Different skin types call for different formula

Only using on the face

Have you ever had a white cast or experienced greasiness or an oily film after applying sunscreen? If yes, then it is highly likely that you are using the wrong type of sunscreen for your skin type. If you have dry skin use a moisturising sunscreen, if you have normal skin go for a sunscreen spray or non-drying lotion. Matte gel, spray or powder finish are the ideal choices for oily skin. Now that you know the right formulation to use, read on to know how to make the most of your sunscreen by using it the right way.

BB Pro tip: Always look for a broad spectrum sunscreen (protection from UVA and UVB rays). Never use anything less than SPF 40. SPF 50 is ideal and preferred.



02. Not using enough

Only using on the face

You may breathe easy after applying a tad bit of sunscreen but let me be honest, sunscreen that is not applied in the right amounts will equal almost nothing in terms of giving results! So what’s the solution? How do you know the right amount to apply? The ideal amount of sunscreen to go on to your face and neck is two finger lengths which is half a teaspoon when measured. One teaspoon of sunscreen should go on your hands and legs each. This will ensure optimum protection from the big bad rays!


03. Not reapplying

Only using on the face

With sunscreen application becoming easy and fuss free with so many formulations and ways of applying like spray, matt gel, powder etc it’s super easy to just reach into your bag and do a re-application on the go. Remember to reapply every two hours to protect your skin from ageing or going dull.


04. Mistaking SPF-infused products for SPF substitute

Only using on the face

While SPF-infused beauty products might seem like an ideal substitute for sunscreen, they are not! These products do not offer the same sun protection. So while they might be a good add-on protection on top of sunscreen, you absolutely do need sunscreen under your beauty products.


05. Only using on the face

Only using on the face

It’s important to slather some of your sunscreen on your ears, neck, decolletage and even your lips, along with your face.

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