K-Beauty Vs J-Beauty: What’s Better For You?

Written by Anyuktha NallaniAug 18, 2022
K-beauty Vs J-beauty: What’s better for you?

K-dramas and Japanese shows have not only gathered a massive cult following for their content but also for their flawless skin and beauty goals making their skincare routines a massive hit everywhere. But what is the difference between J-beauty and K-beauty? Which one would suit you better? We got all the answers you need to make your pick, so read on to start your journey towards clear, plump and luminous skin!


01. Key philosophies of J-beauty and K-beauty

Packaging and pricing

J-Beauty and K-beauty have very different key ideologies and philosophies. Japanese beauty emphasises minimalism and functionality, while Korean beauty focuses on nourishing the skin with a multi-step, intricate and artfully balanced routine.

J-beauty is rooted in traditional practices and blends in modern products that have trailblazing formulations. Whereas K-beauty is all about pushing the boundary by creating unconventional skincare offerings with never done before formulations. For example, rubber masks, cushion compacts and activating serum are some of K-beauty inventions that we are in awe of!


02. Steps of skincare in J-beauty & K-beauty

Packaging and pricing

With its ‘less is more’ approach, J-beauty strongly focuses on consistency and seeing long-term results. A typical J-beauty routine has four steps: Double cleanse-first using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a foaming cleanser. Next, double moisturise, where a light essence or lotion that increases skin hydration is applied first, followed by a moisturiser and sunscreen.

On the other hand, K-Beauty has a carefully crafted 10-step process that can sometimes even go up to 17 steps. The key is to layer products in a lighter to heaviest formulation to ensure proper absorption and maximum nourishment. The beauty routine includes: double cleanse, exfoliation, toner, essence, treatment serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturiser and SPF.

Korean skincare mainly focuses on skin hydration and exfoliation, while Japanese skincare stresses on cleansing. That’s why double cleansing is absolutely essential in J-beauty routines.



03. The difference in skin goals

Packaging and pricing

Influenced by wabi-sabi, a philosophy that finds beauty in imperfection, J-beauty focuses on ‘mochi skin’ that’s plump and soft while prioritising a simple and consciously edited routine. In comparison, K-beauty aims for ‘glass skin’ that strikes as healthy, poreless and luminous.


04. Ingredients commonly used

Packaging and pricing

There are a few vital ingredients you’ll find both in J-beauty and K-beauty products, like green tea and rice. K-beauty products use other stand out ingredients such as snail mucin, red ginseng, propolis and Centella Asiatica extract. Sake, camellia oil, yuzu and cherry blossom extract are distinctive to J-beauty.


05. Packaging and pricing

Packaging and pricing

K-beauty products usually have an innovative design that is super cute and colourful, whereas J-beauty products focus on a minimalistic design that oozes perfection.

While K-beauty brands are affordable in India with sheet masks starting at Rs. 100, their price adds up quickly since there are multiple steps in a K-beauty routine. Japanese beauty products have a more premium price range, but since it only has four steps, more often than not, it’s comparatively affordable.

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