5 Diy Skincare Hacks You Should Never Try

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
5 DIY skincare hacks you should never try

Whipping up your own skincare products using ingredients from your pantry can be quite exciting. In fact, when we were isolated at home during the pandemic, most of us resorted to these DIY skincare hacks to keep our skin healthy glowing. While rubbing tomato pulp and placing cucumber slices on your eyes can be really good, not every DIY hack on the internet will take you closer to your dream skin. In fact, a lot of them can exacerbate the skin issue or even cause irritation and burns.

Here are five popular DIY skincare hacks that you should never try and what you should use instead.


01. Lemon

Crushed up vitamins

One of the most common ingredients found in DIY hacks is lemon. While acids are good for diminishing spots and brightening the complexion, those found in lemon are highly acidic in nature and not suitable for topical application. Applying lemon juice directly on the skin makes the skin highly sensitive to UV rays, which can cause discolouration and in some cases, damage and burn too.

To reap the benefits of lemon and get your dose of vitamin C, it's best to used skincare products infused with lemon.

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02. Coffee

Crushed up vitamins

When it comes to DIY scrubs, coffee grounds are used as a common ingredient. However, these can be pretty harsh for your skin. Your skin is delicate and exfoliating it with an abrasive ingredient like coffee can cause micro-tears and cause severe dryness and sensitivity. Even sugar can be harsh for your skin, therefore it is best to avoid DIY scrubs. Instead, look for a gentle formula that removes the layer of dead skin cells without harming the protective layer of the skin.

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03. Toothpaste

Crushed up vitamins

Search for ‘how to get rid of pimples overnight’ and the first suggestion will always recommend applying toothpaste. It contains peroxide and baking soda to cleanse and whiten your teeth. But when applied to the skin, it causes irritation and makes the skin dry. This often leads to scars and skin darkening.

The best way to deal with pimples is by using pimple patches or spot treatments.

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04. Vinegar

Crushed up vitamins

If you are someone who has looked for a way to save some bucks on toner by making one at home, you may have come across vinegar. No matter how many people vouch for this ingredient, you should know that it is highly irritating and causes burns after just one use.

If you don’t want your skin to pay the price, get your hands on a budget-friendly toner that does not contain harsh ingredients like alcohol.

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05. Crushed up vitamins

Crushed up vitamins

Yes, skincare products contain a lot of vitamins that tackle different skin concerns to give your healthy and clear skin. However, crushing a few vitamin pills and applying them to the skin won’t give you the same results. The vitamins in these pills may become highly unstable when mixed with water or other ingredients, giving no results at all.

Include these vitamins in your diet and use products that contain vitamins A, E, C etc. for healthy skin.

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