Is Donkey Milk Good For Your Skin? We Investigate

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Is Donkey Milk Good For Your Skin? We Investigate

When it comes to our quest for getting flawless skin, we're not going to lie — we've experimented with some pretty interesting ingredients. From snail mucus to bee venom, our skincare arsenal feels akin to a science lab at times, and the latest ingredient to join our 'must-have' list? Donkey milk.

While ancient Greeks have harped on about the benefits of this nutrient-rich milk for skin, we're just now catching up. With high levels of vitamin D that smooth and refresh the skin, along with an extremely high vitamin C content that improves skin health and elasticity, it's about time you turned to donkey milk for smoother, clearer, glowing skin. Need further proof? Read on for all the skincare benefits of donkey milk you probably didn't know about.


1. Anti-ageing

04. Antioxidant-rich

One of the major vitamins present in donkey milk is vitamin A, which, if you've read your skincare textbooks, you'll know is the vitamin from which retinol is derived. Donkey milk promotes skin cell turnover and works hard for skin cell renewal, even when applied topically sans the irritation that comes with retinol. Regularly using a product with donkey milk will give you more youthful, glowing skin.


2. Skin soothing

04. Antioxidant-rich

Vitamin D, another important vitamin present in donkey milk, not only inhibits premature ageing — it contains anti-inflammatory properties too. So, if you've got inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea or eczema, you can use this miracle ingredient to soothe your stressed-out, inflamed skin.


3. Moisturising

04. Antioxidant-rich

You may not always like consuming them, but fatty acids, even when used topically, are a pretty valuable addition to any skincare routine, and the ones present in donkey milk are no different. These ones manage to nourish, hydrate, and moisturise the skin deeply, while being gentle and lightweight on the skin too. Can't believe this is the ingredient we'll look for in our next moisturiser, but here we are!


4. Antioxidant-rich

04. Antioxidant-rich

With it being so chock-full of good-for-you vitamins, is it any surprise that donkey milk is rich in antioxidants? More specifically, vitamin C. Apart from fighting free radicals and helping improve the overall skin tone, the vitamin C present in donkey milk (which is five times more than that in regular cow milk) benefits all skin types while being gentle on the skin.

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