The Indian matchmaking scene is rife with biases against women, who are pressured to fit into society’s narrow definition of ‘beauty’ in order to find a suitable groom. Dove’s #StopTheBeautyTest campaign highlights how women are rejected based on their complexion, height, weight, hair type and overall appearance in the process. It trains the spotlight on how society has created a mould for the ‘perfect bride’, the only one deemed fit for marriage. And it is an unforgiving mould.

The matchmaking process in India puts a lot of pressure on young women to look a certain way (read: tall, fair and thin), lowering their self-esteem and body confidence in the process. According to the brand’s latest report, 90% of single women in India feel they are rejected for marriage because of their looks.

Dove India StopTheBeautyTest campaign video

With its #StopTheBeautyTest campaign, Dove urges society to widen its definition of beauty and stop subjecting women to unjust beauty tests, which can have a crippling effect on their self-esteem.

The campaign is a conscious step from the brand to empower women to be their real, authentic and confident selves. We find the message to be relatable and one that would make women feel seen; after all, every Indian woman, at some point in her life, has been told to look a certain way to find a ‘good husband’.

We believe it’s time for a change, and we stand by Dove’s call to #StopTheBeautyTest. If you resonate with the campaign, we encourage you to read all about it here and share your story with us on Instagram. Tag @bebeautiful_india and use #StopTheBeautyTest #DoveIndia. Let’s put an end to these unjust beauty tests and help our generation discover a whole new world of beautiful.