5 Easy Tips For Girls Who Don’t Like Wearing Makeup

Written by Anyuktha NallaniJul 14, 2022
 5 easy tips for girls who don’t like wearing makeup

If you are not a huge fan of makeup, you must be wondering why we are even giving makeup tips to someone whose idea of makeup is a lip balm and maybe some talc. Right? But what we do know is there are times you want to look fabulous or dressed up. Say when you are going for a date with someone you’ve been crushing on for like forever or attending a family wedding where you know your extra cousins are competing to look better than the bride *phew, Indian weddings right?* or simply when you just want to make the next viral transformation reel. So here are five tips to note for when you want to look fab AF!


01. Balancing your look

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It’s important to understand the basic rules of makeup pairing and balancing. For example, dark lips are the ideal choice for winters, and if you are going for bold dark lips it's always best to keep your eyes muted. Similarly, if you are doing a heavy eye look, it’s ideal to use either nude or muted lipstick. You can always go light on the eyes and lips for a minimal look, but try to avoid wearing a bold eye and lip look together because it's easy to look gaudy in it.


02. Pairing makeup with jewellery

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Your makeup should always compliment your outfit and jewellery. So if you are going for light jewellery or a casual outfit, you can either choose to go statement with your makeup (like a red lip or a slightly smokey eye) or do a minimal look for an overall understated vibe. But with heavy jewellery, it's smart to keep your makeup slightly subtle with shades like nude, pink or peach. Of course, you can always go for bold lips keeping the rest of your makeup simple with heavy jewellery as well for that added oomph!


03. Adding colour to your eye makeup

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Not a fan of blending, cut creasing, etc.? Ditch eyeshadow for a whimsical liner look. Go for a double-winged eyeliner, cut crease liner or give it a fun twist with a coloured liner. The ideas are endless and this is where your love for makeup begins. I vouch for that.


04. When you’re running late but want to look dressed up

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No matter if you woke up late or had a one hour concert in the shower because of which you’re running late but want to look fab here is BB coming to your rescue. Just do your basic CTM skin care and use a concealer on blemishes and dark circles, set with a powder and go over your cheeks with a blush and then a highlighter on the tip of your nose, cheekbones and forehead. Opt for either a basic winged liner or a subtle shimmer eyeshadow. Go with a nude lip shade or a statement red according to how dressed up you want to look and set it all with a setting spray. Takes 5 minutes and makes you look like a million bucks!


05. Removing makeup

Removing makeup

It's very essential to remove makeup at the end of the day or when you get back home no matter the situation. But ditch the makeup wipes as they can be too harsh on the skin and opt for a gentle micellar water cleanser like the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water.

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