5 Ways To Revive Your Skin Post Recovering From The Virus, According To An Expert

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 ways to revive your skin post recovering from the virus, according to an expert

While dealing with the plethora of complications that arise post recovering from the virus, we often tend to neglect the toll it takes on our skin. The virus can wreak havoc on your skin cells, leaving your skin looking dehydrated, dull, uneven, patchy, and rough. Additionally, if you've got pre-existing conditions such as atopic dermatitis, acne or psoriasis, they're likely to get triggered as well. As if we didn't have enough to worry about.

Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad has explained that this happens due to a unique cocktail of bodily functions –– where the body is in a state of shock, there is a nutrient and micronutrient deprivation, and you're stressed. Which, completely fair –– you are dealing with an almost unknown illness, after all! But if you're just about tired of the virus taking over your life and want some tips on taking care of your skin post-recovery, you've come to the right place. We’re listing down some of the pro tips on how to heal the skin post virus recovery shared by Dr Jaishree Sharad on her IGTV. Check ‘em out.


01. Supplementation

Get your eight hours of shut-eye

Whether you're someone who scoffs at the sight of supplements or relies on them for the healthy functioning of your body, you'll need to incorporate some supplements into your diet! Your body has lost a lot of vital nutrients in the fight against the virus, and you need to consume some good ol' vitamins and minerals to not only boost your immunity but your skin recovery too. Dr Sharad recommends taking vitamins such as vitamin A, B and E, and omega 3 fatty acids. However, if you’ve got specific requirements and pre-existing conditions –– do consult a medical professional to understand the kind of vitamins you can take. Also, don't forget to drink copious amounts of water alongside. Stay hydrated!


02. Eat your greens

Get your eight hours of shut-eye

Listen, before you gag at the thought of another spinach dish, hear us out. Green, leafy veggies are super-rich in antioxidants and can help heal your body and skin in no time. Antioxidants protect the skin by reducing and counteracting free radical production and will take care of any of your post-recovery skincare woes in no time. If you really want to speed up the process, Dr. Sharad recommends avoiding aerated drinks, junk food, and sugar in any form.


03. Incorporate a Vitamin C serum into your routine

Get your eight hours of shut-eye

The benefits of Vitamin C cannot be oversold! Start your day by using a Vitamin C serum after you've cleansed your face. It helps the skin repair itself, correct visible damage, and stimulate collagen production, which is vital for youthful skin. If you're ready for your dose of skin-hydration, opt for the Lakmé 9 to 5 Vitamin C+ Facial Serum which has been enriched with the richest known source of Vitamin C in the world — Kakadu Plum. The serum will take care of multiple skin problems and will help improve texture and dullness while still being lightweight and moisturising.


04. De-stress with some exercise

Get your eight hours of shut-eye

We get it. The pandemic may have taken a toll on your physical health, but the road to recovery involves some exercise. You can start by doing things like going out for slow, short walks or doing some yoga and pranayam. The exercises will cause minimum strain but will help you on your journey to holistic recovery. Plus, the benefits of exercise on the skin are already well known, so what are you waiting for?


05. Get your eight hours of shut-eye

Get your eight hours of shut-eye

Sleep, sleep, sleep. Whether it's getting rid of the dark circles from the undereye area, brightening up your skin, or just getting some shut-eye to escape your problems –– the effects of sleep on the skin are always good. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing, you know!

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