Presenting to you four types of the most popular eyebrows RN along with an unfailing step-by-step process to keep the eyebrows of your choice on fleek. 

Ladies, if you didn’t know, there are two things in this world that can make or break your look - your mane and your eyebrows. Giving your face’s features that perfect frame, both these aspects allow your looks to pop - if in the right shape. So much so, fashion, beauty and feminist icon Emma Watson highlights the integrality of eyebrows as she too believes, eyebrows are the most important feature of her face. To an extent, even with me, if my brows are out of line even by a smidge, my entire makeup look seems to fall apart.  

After all, it’s my eyebrow’s sharp arch and neat thickness that helps frame my features and knit them together. However, other than this arch shape (that was the biggest IG trend back in 2017) there are loads of classic shapes that suit a variety of face shapes and aesthetics. Yes, there’s a lot more than what infiltrates the ‘gram! Sounds too good to be true? Let's show you what we’re talking about.  

Classic eyebrow shapes are uniquely beautiful in their own way. From the look of the arch, to the length of the tail and even thickness - the right eyebrow shape matters a lot. And the magic lies in the details, so it make your understand what they’re all like and make you pick your #favourite we’re shedding light on them all. So, get your (eyebrow pencils and) pens out to take some notes… 

Eyebrow Shape to Look Younger - The Basics   

Let’s talk tail arch:  

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

The first shape we’re discussing is the sensational tail arch. The slight arch towards the tail is the most versatile way to shape and fill your brows. This shape can work wonders to bring some sharp angular details to an otherwise rounder face, the arch can even suit a ridiculously sharp jawline like Margot Robbie - yes, it looks absolutely stunning on her. This is also a flattering shape for someone who likes to keep their hair out of their face, but still wants to add a framing detail to their face. So, claw clip ladies, if you have these razor sharp brows, pin your locks up for that maximum oomph effect.  

Centre arch in convo  

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

If you want to add some lift to your cheekbones, a centre arch is the perfect makeup look for that. You can achieve an incredible centre arch by getting your brow technician to clean up stray hair in the middle of your eyebrow. Do not pluck the arch itself, as it can get too intense and give you that always shocked look. This brow shape is also a good way to balance out wide faces and add some symmetry to them. So, if you feel this is the one for you, your next parlour appointment awaits you.  

Let’s get it straight (brows) 

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

If your natural brow doesn’t have an arch to it, chances are it is of the straighter variety. Straight brows look very chic in an understated, subtle kind of way. If you have naturally straight brows, do not create an arch, instead, keep them brushed with a spoolie. If you wish to have straighter brows, you can get them shaped by a professional, and keep doing the upkeep whenever you see any angular details pop up. 

Tapered brows for the win  

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

The diva’s brows - yes, Deepika Padukone has these gorgeous ones. The most high maintenance shape on this list, tapered brows are thicker on the inner 2/3rd corner and subtly arch down to be lighter and more slender towards the end. Since natural brows are usually of equal width throughout, a tapered shape has to be created by a professional eyebrow technician. They need to be maintained more often as well, regular waxing and grooming being an absolute must!  

While these brows are the ones that are making the talk and chatter these days, there are loads of other brow shapes out there…out of which one might just be the perfect match for you. So, if you love the compliments and don’t want to miss out on the best, learn about them all here!  

Now that we’ve taken you through the most popular brows, you also need to know these babies require TLC. At the end of it, you got to go the extra mile if you want to turn heads. Paying attention to each and every detail, we’ve curated an unmatched step-by-step process that promises brows that will make one and all go, WOW. So, dive right in.  

How to Perfectly Shape your Eyebrows  

Powder first 

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

For a more natural-looking colour, powder your brow first, especially if you have oily or combination skin. This will help keep everything in place for longer. As for the colour, choose something that is a shade lighter instead of the exact colour of your eyebrow hair. For instance, if your eyebrows are black, use a dark brown powder to fill in the base first and they go in with the pencil. Use a pencil with an angled tip, like the Lakme Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil to create short strokes for a more controlled application. 

Clean up the brow line 

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

A clean, done-up brow is always preferable over letting strays wreak havoc on your brow line! Use tweezers to clean the hair under the brows and get rid of any that have grown past the brow line. For a precise pluck, stretch the skin with your fingers for a tight surface; it will also be less painful this way. And lastly, remember to tweeze in the natural direction of the brow hair. 

Pick the right start and finish line 

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

Don’t leave it to the natural order of things to decide on where to start and finish your brow. Place an eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose and point it straight up towards your brows. This is where your inner eyebrow starting point belongs. As for the end, do the same but this time point the pencil to the outside of your eye. Do not extend beyond your eye area, the sharp angle can age you. 

Pick the right arch point  

how to lift eyebrows with makeup woman

Placing an eyebrow arch too high can add a couple of years to your actual age! Pick the right arch point with this simple trick - leave the eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose and point it diagonally from your nostril to the outer corner of your iris. Place your arch here to get a more flattering shape. 

And there you have it; your guide to youthful-looking brows in minutes! In addition, you can also work towards that younger look by indulging in a few makeup hacks! Know them here.  


You ask, we answer 

Q1 Can I shave the excess hair from my eyebrows with a regular razor? 

While you can do this, we do not suggest it. The skin around our brows is very sensitive, which is why it calls for an angular razor that’ll naturally reduce the chances of any skin damage. We’re talking about a precision eyebrow shaver with a very sharp blade.  You can get this at any local pharmacy shop.  

Q2 Is waxing or threading good for the eyebrows?  

Over time, these methods may actually damage the follicles, so stray hairs end up not growing back. Of course, that might be what you want if you're fully committed to a certain brow shape for life.