One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses (other than having your lashes touch the glass every time you blink, of course) is that your glasses tend to leave marks on your makeup, especially around the nose. No matter how perfectly you think your glasses fit, a few hours into wearing them, and bam! You’ve got two red marks on either side of your nose and your makeup has been wiped off. Ugh!

But thanks to TikTok user @elliemakeupartistt’s genius hack, we can bid goodbye to this annoying problem once and for all. The best part? This hack requires one product that is easily in your vanity!

To prevent your glasses from leaving marks and wiping off your makeup, here’s what you need to do:

prevent your glasses from leaving marks

Step 01: Take a small amount of a creamy eye primer and apply it on areas of the nose where the glasses touch your skin.

Step 02: Next, using a flat makeup brush and gently dab the product on your skin. Do not use your fingers to do this as they will lift away most of the product, thereby, making this trick ineffective.

Step 03: Next, gently go over it with a makeup sponge to ensure that the product has been blended completely.

Step 04: Apply the rest of your makeup as usual.

Why this works…

According to Ellie, this hack works like a dream because of the water-resistant properties of a makeup primer, which prevents sweat build-up in the area. Additionally, since eye primer has better holding power than your usual primer, it will ensure that your makeup stays in place longer — despite a bit of friction from the glasses rubbing against your nose.