How To Recreate Hailey Bieber’s ‘Glazed Donut’ Skincare Routine

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
How to recreate Hailey Bieber’s ‘Glazed Donut’ skincare routine

It is so fun when celebrities share their skincare routines without editing or crediting “drinking water” for their amazing skin! Hailey is one such celeb who loves to bare her heart on her sleeves when it comes to skincare and recently revealed that she doesn’t like to go to bed without looking like a ‘Glazed Donut’. Which means, her nighttime skincare routine is based on lots and lots of hydration, layering on oil-based products and sleeping with a full face of moisture locking products on. The stunner shared her step-by-step routine with her fans and here’s how you can recreate it for yourself...

How to recreate Hailey Bieber’s ‘Glazed Donut’ skincare routine

Step 01: Double-cleanse - Hailey revealed her love for double cleansing, which she credits for keeping her skin breakout free during quarantine. Start with the oil-based Dermalogica Precleanse and then follow this up with the hydrating Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Cleanser to get rid of makeup, dirt and oil buildup on your face.

Step 02: Serum - Dab your face with a microfiber towel but make sure to leave it just a little bit still damp. Apply the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Radiance Overnight Oil-in-Serum all over your face, taking it down to your neck and top of the chest.

Step 03: Moituriser - At night, Hailey likes to use a barrier health-boosting formula which helps replenish and maintain the moisture level of the lipid barrier. The Pond’s Light Moisturiser Non-Oily Fresh Feel, formulated with vitamin E and glycerine, is a good pick for that.

Step 04: Face oil - Now for the sugar glazed donut finish part - Hailey’s go-to product to get that intense dewiness on her skin is adding a thin layer of face oil on top of her moisturiser. Take a couple of dots of the Dermalogica Phyto Replenishing Oil and dab it onto your skin with the palm of your hands.

Step 05: Lip balm - Finish the routine with a nice layer of Vaseline Lip Therapy Vitamin E - Original lip balm to add dewiness and care to your pout all night!

Additionally, If your lifestyle mirrors one of a busy supermodel, chances are you are not getting enough sleep. Hairley also likes to go in with a retinol based eye cream to counter sagginess in the eye area; which you can adopt if you need to. She also sleeps with pimple patches on which is an excellent idea to stop those under the skin breakouts to reveal themselves first thing in the morning!

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