How To Choose The Right Blush For Darker Skin Tones

Written by Urvi ShahJul 15, 2022
How to choose the right blush for darker skin tones

Blush is no longer just an accessory; it’s headlining major makeup moments. An exceedingly versatile product, it can deliver pops of colour to the cheekbones, nose, lids, and temples. Which is why we must ritualise the application of these cheek-staining formulas—what with the way in which it complements a minimalistic look and dramatises an intense reverse cat-eye.

Because there's not much clarity regarding the use of blush on darker complexions, here's all you need to know before you decide to incorporate the product into your makeup repository.


01. Use cream-based formulas

Choose the right colour for your skin tone

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The employment of a cream-based formula is your first step toward acquainting yourself with the product. These formulas blend seamlessly into your skin, and you have absolute control over the intensity of the pigmentation. You can massage the blush into your skin with your fingers or even a brush. If the colour is a little too heavy for your liking, continue blending it out. Since cream-based formulas are moisturising, they're ideal for dry, dull skin, especially if you're looking for a lit-from-within, luminous glow.


02. Experiment with other formulas

Choose the right colour for your skin tone

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Powdered blush is perfect for oily skin because it absorbs excess oil from the surface and mattifies the appearance of your skin. It's a little more pigmented than cream and liquid formulas, so it's easier to go overboard with this type of blush. But if you're looking for a formula that stays intact for more extended periods, a powdered blush is your sworn sidekick. It's suitable for acne-prone and combination skin too.

Start with liquid blushes if you'd rather not opt for a cream-based or powdered formula. These formulas are known for their rich colour payoff and dewy undertones.


03. Choose the right colour for your skin tone

Choose the right colour for your skin tone

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Choosing the right colour is a prerequisite to acing your look. Don't opt for a pink blush; pink undertones don't compliment deeper complexions. And neither do shades of brown. Avoid blushes with silver shimmer, and buy one with golden shimmer instead. Even variations of coral flatter dusky tones flawlessly. Warm hues of orange do as well, even though you must steer clear of bright/neon shades.

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