The most skin and hair concerns can hit the unlikeliest of places. They are both surprising and annoying, just ask anyone who’s had to deal with butt acne! Fortunately, these unlikely sites can be dealt with in a similar way, the only trick is to recognize that you actually have a problem. Take eyebrow dandruff for instance - yes, it happens and doesn’t necessarily look like the dandruff on your scalp. It actually looks like red or greasy skin that turns flaky when you scratch or rub your brows. This is not ideal as eyebrows are a key feature on your face that is enhanced by makeup and flakiness can hinder the process of doing the same.

If you have noticed flakiness on your brow and want to do something about it, here’s what you need to know...


01. What causes eyebrow dandruff?

What causes eyebrow dandruff?

Eyebrow dandruff is similar to the dandruff on your scalp - it is caused because of the high concentration of oil gland present in the area which leads to the growth of malassezia. The excessive sebum and dandruff-causing organism interact with each other, leading to seborrheic dermatitis and if not treated will keep affecting oily and greasy brows adversely. Some of the factors that have been linked to eyebrow dandruff flare-ups are -

1. Puberty - Due to sudden increase in sebum production in the skin at puberty, eyebrow dandruff is seen in teens.

2. Seasonal changes - Both summer humidity and winter dryness can lead to dandruff as your skin generally lacks moisture during these times and can disrupt the functioning of your oil glands.

3. External irritants - Seborrheic dermatitis is a kind of skin inflammation and as such your brow dandruff flaring up has also been associated with harsh ingredients in face washes, artificial fragrance, comedogenic makeup products or even irritating sunscreens. Make sure to check with your dermatologist on what kind of gentle products your skin needs in order to avoid reacting this way.



02. How to deal with eyebrow dandruff

How to deal with eyebrow dandruff

So how exactly do you deal with eyebrow dandruff? The preventive measures to take will be to use non-irritating and gentle products on your face. But if you still notice flakiness the best way to manage it is a regular anti-dandruff shampoo. Dandruff can never be fully cured but hair cleansers with ingredients like selenium sulfide, salicylic acid and ketoconazole help inhibit bacteria and fungus growth to keep eyebrow dandruff in check. You can take the shampoo later down to your dandruff while washing your hair with the shampoo. Or, dilute some product with water and use a spoolie to lather up and clean the eyebrow area whenever needed.