A regular body care routine usually consists of bathing with a good soap or body wash, using a body polish or scrub once in a while and finishing with a lotion (on days you are not feeling lazy!). But the skin on your body is definitely in need of more TLC than that. This is where dry brushing comes in. The simple practice of using a soft-bristled brush to brush your entire body has shown to improve the health of your skin by multi-folds. Some of the best benefits of dry brushing are known to be: -

  • Promote lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation
  • Inhibit fluid retention and cellulite, especially on the thighs and bum region
  • Slough off dead skin cells to improve texture
  • Encourages faster cell turnover to avoid stubborn ingrown hair
  • Helps better absorption of other products applied on your body

Dry brushing has several benefits, but your need to do it right to reap those benefits. Here are five things you need to remember while dry brushing your body at home…


01. Choose the right dry brush

Choose the right dry brush

The right dry brush may not look the same for everyone, as the ideal pick depends on your individual needs. If your focus is on the thighs, bum and arms, a large round brush with natural fibres will work best for you. But if you plan on dry brushing your face and neck, you will need a smaller brush with a strap-on and softer bristles. As for the harder to reach spots, like your back, a paddled, long dry brush should be used.


02. Get the timing and technique right

Get the timing and technique right

Dry brushing should be done before taking a bath and only takes a couple of minutes to do. Start with your feet and go upwards, in the direction of your heart, using quick flicks instead of long strokes over large patches of skin. Use a clockwise motion to brush your chest and torso and adjust the pressure according to the skin’s sensitivity in specific areas.


03. Be consistent with it

Be consistent with it

Like other exfoliating techniques used on the body, dry brushing should also be done 1-2 a week (once in a couple of weeks for extremely sensitive skin types). The key is to be consistent to see visible results. So mark out certain days in the week when you can take the extra time to dry brush your body before your bath.


04. Enhance the results with a body oil

Enhance the results with a body oil

While it is not mandatory to apply a product to the brush when dry brushing, you can spritz it with a diluted body oil to enhance the results. This is especially beneficial on stubborn and dry patches of skin on your ankles and knees. You can also use soothing blends like lavender and oat kernel oil to treat irritated and tired skin. Ensure to wash the brush with baby shampoo to rinse out the oil and dead skin buildup on the brush.


05. Always finish with a lotion

Always finish with a lotion

Dry brushing can stimulate and open up your pores, which will need a dose of hydration after the shower. Use a lightweight and nourishing formula like the Vaseline Lavender Moisturizing Gel to help soothe and calm the skin after a dry brushing session.