Here’s How To Hop Onto The Sustainable Beauty Trend

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
Here’s how to hop onto the sustainable beauty trend

As people are becoming more aware of the harmful ingredients in skincare products and its effects on the skin and environment, they are moving towards a more sustainable approach. Consumers are opting for brands that are vegan, cruelty free and use ethically sourced ingredients to formulate their products. This was further emphasised during the pandemic and sustainable beauty emerged as a trend that everyone across the globe is making a priority to get on board with.

When you opt for sustainable beauty products, it not only makes a difference to the environment but it also improves your skin’s health. Want to know how to embrace the sustainable beauty trend? Here’s how to get started.


01. Go easy on the tap

Here’s how to hop onto the sustainable beauty trend

Water is the earth’s most precious yet highly wasted resource. The first and most important approach towards sustainability has to be going easy on the tap. Apart from getting any leaking taps in your house fixed ASAP, make sure you turn it off while applying a cleanser on your face and reduce the shower time. Both can save gallons of water every day. Avoid washing your hair daily, your tresses will look healthier and the greasy look can be fixed by spraying the Dove Fresh & Floral Dry Shampoo. It instantly absorbs oil from the hair and makes your tresses look fresh.


02. Look for ethically sourced ingredients

Here’s how to hop onto the sustainable beauty trend

Ethically sourced ingredients are pure and free from harsh chemicals. It is a way of obtaining products in a responsible and sustainable way. Getting your hands on products with ethically sourced ingredients in India is far easier now. The brand Love, Beauty and Planet only uses ethically sourced ingredients in their body and hair care range. That means you can have healthy hair and skin without the nasties and with confidence that you’re contributing to a less wasteful planet.


03. Packaging matters

Here’s how to hop onto the sustainable beauty trend

A majority of beauty products come in plastic containers and we all know how bad it is for the environment. A wise and sustainable thing to do is to opt for bigger bottles instead of several small ones every month. Not just that, look for brands that also focus on sustainable packaging. The bottles used by Love, Beauty and Planet are fully-recycled and 100% recyclable.


04. Replace wipes with washable pads

Here’s how to hop onto the sustainable beauty trend

Ditch disposable makeup removing wipes and pads and replace them with reusable and washable pads. It will not only be gentle on your skin but will also be better for the environment. You can easily make them at home by cutting 7-8 pieces out of an old towel, using one each day of the week. AND think of all the money you will end up saving!


05. Use a wooden hair comb

Here’s how to hop onto the sustainable beauty trend

Plastic brushes and combs are not very durable and also collect a lot of dirt, which means you need to replace them often. In fact, they can also be harsh for most hair types like curly and fine hair. Instead, go for wooden hair combs, they are broad bristled and gentle on the hair and scalp. Neem wood combs are quite popular these days as they improve blood circulation in the scalp and prevent dandruff among other benefits.

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