You slather a cream onto your face, and your skin is riddled with breakouts just a few minutes after. This isn’t as far-fetched a scenario for you, is it? Dealing with skin that’s sensitive is tricky — you go in with the intention of developing a full-fledged routine for yourself, and you end up with pimple-ridden skin soon after. Have you ever thought of what’s triggering this reaction? Is it that cleanser infused with alcohol? Or your go-to soap laced with artificial fragrance? With winters raging on, your skin’s vulnerable to more damage than usual owing to low levels of humidity, drop in temperature, and strong gusts of wind. But worry not, you can easily salvage your skin with the help of some easy tips and tricks. Ahead, we’ve listed down some tips that will help you take care of your sensitive skin in winter.


01. Use chemical-free products

Use chemical-free products

Steer clear of products infused with baddies like alcohol, fragrances, and sulphates. These are proven irritants that set off unwarranted reactions on the skin. Opt for clean alternatives instead. They’re mild on the skin and also sustainable in nature. Apart from soothing the skin, the Dermalogica Ultracalming Serum for Sensitive Skin interrupts inflammatory triggers to prevent sporadic flare-ups on the skin, and isn’t that something we struggle with? Just layer your face with the formula twice a day to moisturise the skin.


02. Stay away from alcohol-infused toners

Stay away from alcohol-infused toners

As a general rule of thumb, stay away from any product that contains alcohol. It is drying and will leave your skin feeling tight and itchy. Instead, get your hands on an alcohol-free toner like the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner that restores the skin’s pH balance and soothes it. Made with chamomile that boosts antioxidants, pro vitamin B5 that hydrates, witch hazel that prevents inflammation and allantoin that soothes the skin, this one is a sensitive skin must-have through and through.


03. Limit your time in the sun

Limit your time in the sun

Exposure to the sun can damage your skin (yes, even during winters) and causes pigmentation and premature skin ageing. This is because your sensitive skin, innately, has a weaker structure, making it more susceptible to sun damage. If you’re stepping out, don’t forget to protect your skin with a layer of sunscreen. The Lakmé Sun Expert Spf 50 Pa+++ Ultra Matte Gel Sunscreen is a high-performance formula that blocks 97% of harmful UVB rays and feels ultra-lightweight on the skin.


04. Keep your face clean

Keep your face clean

When you’re on the go, it’s important to protect your skin from pollutants since they damage your skin’s barrier. Think of all the dirt, grime, and oils sticking to your skin. Coupled with the sun exposure, these aggressors truly wreak havoc on the face. To counter this issue, carry on-the-go wipes with you. We’re loving the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes at the moment. Enriched with vitamin B, vitamin E, and triple purified water, they’re free of 2000+ chemicals that are known to upset your sensitive skin.