Jacqueline Fernandez has been making the most of quarantine life - from riding horses on a farm to posting minute-long headstands, her Insta feed is flooded with lockdown activities you and I won’t think about indulging in. But some of her experiences during the lockdown are totally relatable - like battling acne and taking on creative tasks in order to relieve stress. The always energetic and bubbly actress opened up about all of these and much more. So dive in, as she makes some skincare and fitness confessions...


1. Jacqueline’s quarantine skincare routine

Jacqueline’s quarantine skincare routine

Quarantine gave all of us a great opportunity to hit restart with our skincare and here’s how Jacqueline made the most of it. “I’ve been taking really good care of my skin during the lockdown. Since we’re at home, I haven’t been using any make-up, and that’s rather unusual but refreshing for me and my skin.” She also elaborated on her skincare regimen, starting off with a good face wash and moving on to toner and then finishing off with a rich moisturiser or night cream.

She also confessed to steaming her face every night, due to its calming properties and many benefits afforded to the skin. “I’m not too consistent with face masks but I do try them here and there. Despite using products, I still really believe that a good diet and hydration is super important to get good skin,” she revealed as well.


2. Her current fitness routine

Her current fitness routine

Jacqueline opened up about how she managed to keep up with her fitness routine during quarantine and revealed, “I do a boot camp workout thrice a week; it’s complete with strength training using body weight. On the other three days, I mix it up with yoga or a 45-minute walk, or something as simple as practising headstands. I am free to do any form of physical activity I like on those days.”


3. Her virtual makeup journey

Her virtual makeup journey

Jacqueline’s relationship with getting glammed up during quarantine (for self-shot magazine features and other projects) was a bit different from us. She revealed, “Life in lockdown has been interesting – my friend and make-up artist Shaan Muttathil has been giving me virtual makeup lessons. He has taught me how to contour my nose right, fill in my brows properly, etc. He has also taught me nifty tricks like using face oil to fake a glow, or even use it as a highlighter.” Now that’s what we call a perfect creative friendship!


4. Her beauty confessions

Her beauty confessions

Full disclosure; we are all guilty of committing beauty mistakes quite often, nobody’s perfect. Jacqueline is no different and confessed to some of her own beauty sins, saying, “My bad beauty habit? I don’t drink enough water! I also wish I could go completely sugar-free – I have tried alternatives like coconut sugar, but sometimes I see a bar of chocolate and I’ll just eat it. Sugar is very damaging to the skin, but I am guilty of giving in to the craving sometimes.” The curse of the sweet tooth can hit even the most disciplined. We feel you, Jacqueline!


5. Her beauty essentials

Her beauty essentials

As for some of her beauty essentials, Jacqueline revealed, “Using a good sunscreen is really important for me, even at home. I also like to work a good hair serum into my hair immediately post my shower. Also, a good lip balm is a must for me.” How neat!

Images courtesy: @jacquelinef143