Kareena Kapoor Khan is the superstar of Bollywood in the truest sense of the word. She is one actress who seems to be equally comfortable attending events and movie promotions all dolled up, as she with posing stunning makeup-free selfies on the ‘gram. We are sure she owes this level of confidence to her absolutely flawless, peaches and cream complexion.

If you’ve ever wondered how Bebo manages to keep her skin looking so fresh and flawless, then you are in for a little treat. As Kareena gears up to celebrate her 40th (is this for real?) birthday today, we bring to you some of the best skin care tips that she swears by. Excited, aren’t you? Scroll down to find out what they are.


1. Pampers her skin with honey

Pampers her skin with honey

Kareena doesn’t believe in getting expensive facials and swears by organic honey to nourish and condition her. She simply applies a bit of honey to her face, massages it for a few minutes and washes it off with water for a deep cleanse and an instant, hard-to-miss glow.


2. Drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated

Drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated

One of the most basic things that Kareena does for healthy skin, hair and body is keep herself hydrated by drinking natural spring water. She drinks about five to six litres of natural spring water every single day to keep her skin looking absolutely radiant and clear.


3. Religiously uses almond oil

Religiously uses almond oil

If there is one natural ingredient that Kareena cannot get enough of, it has to be sweet almond oil. A beauty tip passed on by mum, Babita, Kareena applies this oil to her face, body and hair for an instant boost of hydration. Additionally, since almond oil is rich in vitamin E, it works as an antioxidant to keep those signs of premature aging at bay.


4. Uses homemade face masks and ubtans

Uses homemade face masks and ubtans

The actress claims that she is extremely low maintenance when it comes to her beauty routine and mostly just uses common kitchen ingredients to whip up a face mask. The actress uses ingredients like besan, milk and honey on a regular basis to deep clean her pores, kill acne-causing germs and keep her skin super soft and supple.


5. Indulges in power yoga

Indulges in power yoga

The actress is really into power yoga to stay fit and active, but she also says that the yoga asanas are the reason behind her great skin. These asanas help to improve blood and oxygen flow to your face, and thereby help your skincare products to penetrate better and show results faster.

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