Believe it or not, Karisma Kapoor is 46 today! From showcasing her killer moves on the big screen to being the reason 90s kids couldn’t get enough headbands, she has aged flawlessly. While the actress herself has attributed her ageless beauty to her genes (hint: Bebo has great skin too!), she is not shy about doling out some tips as well.

Here’s how Karisma Kapoor manages to look so damn good at 46!


01. She started following a thorough skincare routine early on

She started following a thorough skincare routine early on

Karisma has stressed time and time again to start with your skincare early-on. The actress confessed to being very conscious of her skin in her 20s, mainly to reduce the stress stage makeup caused on her skin. She recommends following a proper skincare routine early on; it shouldn’t be just about moisturising in your teens!

The logic is simple… if you start following proper skincare routine in your 20s, your skin will stay youthful and healthy for a long time. Remember: You cannot reverse ageing; so just maintain your skin’s health to keep it looking its best!


02. She starts her day with a glass of warm water

She starts her day with a glass of warm water

It’s true that early risers have good skin and Karisma is one of them. The actress has confessed to being a morning person and uses the first couple of hours of the day indulging in self-care. From following the occasional long skincare routines to practising a quick session of Yoga, she never starts her day in a slump. And what is the one habit that helps her do that? A glass of warm water first thing in the morning!

A glass of warm water can jumpstart your metabolism in the morning, making your body more receptive to the care you give it throughout the day. It also helps flush out toxins from your body to give you glowing skin and keep premature ageing at bay.


03. She follows a 3-step routine

She follows a 3-step routine

Karisma has a different take on the CTM method of skincare. She replaces the toning step with exfoliation in order to keep her complexion glowing. For her nighttime routine, she switches it up and adds an oil-based serum before her moisturiser. 

She also gets rid of every trace of makeup before hitting the sheets. The actress stresses that nothing ages your skin more than skimming on proper makeup removal. She also likes to wear her skin naturally as much as possible!


04. She has a spoonful of ghee every day

She has a spoonful of ghee every day

Nutritionists have time and again touted the benefits of adding a spoonful of ghee in your diet. The ‘good’ trans-fat in ghee helps aid in digestion, is rich in vitamin A and E and packed with antioxidants. All of this can fight the signs of ageing in your skin and keep it looking youthful and glowing!


05. DIY masks for the win!

DIY masks for the win!

Both the Kapoor sisters have been on Instagram for a while now and love sharing bare-faced selfies. They also like to showcase their DIY masking habits which seems to be running in the family. From sandalwood-turmeric pastes to matcha powder masks, there is nothing better than a home remedy for beautiful skin!

Image courtesy: @therealkarismakapoor