5 Korean Skincare Hacks To Combat Winter Dryness

Written by Nida SayyedJul 28, 2022
5 Korean skincare hacks to combat winter dryness

Korean skincare has been the rage in the past few years. From their products to their techniques, everything has managed to wow the world. So, when it comes to fighting winter skin dryness and dullness, why look any further? We’re listing down five hacks from the K-beauty regime to keep your skin soft and supple throughout the cold months!


01. Moisturising cleansers and hot showers

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There’s nothing that compares to a hot shower in winters. But, did you know, a hot shower can actually do wonders for your skin. Hot water is excellent to loosen up your pores which allows you to deep clean and wash out excess sebum trapped in your skin. Using a mild soap such as the Dove Cream Soft Beauty Bathing Bar and an organic loofah, buff away winter dullness.


02. Double cleansing

Go through ingredients in products

Koreans swear by this makeup removal method. Double cleansing involves two types of cleansers-an oil-based cleanser and a soap-based, aka your facewash. Start with breaking down your makeup with an oil-based cleanser. Follow up with facewash once the stubbornest of makeup has been broken down. This ensures that every last bit of makeup has washed off while providing nourishment with the oil cleanser. This technique can be done with any non-comedogenic oil of your choice, any oil-based micellar water or even your handy-dandy petroleum jelly!


03. Gentle exfoliation

Go through ingredients in products

When it comes to K-beauty, mild is the way to go. The new way of gently exfoliating your skin is by soaking a soft napkin in warm water and rubbing it on your skin in small, circular motions. The warm water softens the skin's surface to get rid of dead cells. This technique also removes all the dirt and grime without being too abrasive. Try this hack and achieve a brighter, glowing complexion! With the layer of dead skin gone, your serums and moisturisers will reach deeper into the skin and keep your skin soft.


04. Layering skincare

Go through ingredients in products

One product is not enough to resolve all our skincare problems. Skincare products like serums, essences, ampoules are designed to reach different levels in the skin to heal and hydrate. Hence, layering multiple skincare products in little quantities is widely followed in South Korea. This layering method works really well in winters as it repairs damaged winter skin from deep and moisturises simultaneously.

Try following this simple order if you’re new to the K-Beauty routine.

Cleanser > Toner > Essence > Serum > Moisturiser > Eye cream

Apply sunscreen as the last step for the daytime.


05. Go through ingredients in products

Go through ingredients in products

Korean skincare is all about the finest ingredients. The majority of their skincare has powerful ingredients like Vitamin E, glycerine, hyaluronic acid and other humectants. Ingredients derived straight from nature are also quite a hit. Look for these key elements in skincare for that glass skin glow. The Ponds Light Moisturiser Non-Oily Fresh Feel With Vitamin E + Glycerine is a fabulous choice for ultra-dry skin. And the Ponds Super Light Gel Oil-Free Moisturiser With Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E works wonders for oily skin.

Use sheet masks once a week to add nourishment and shine. The Pond’s Vitamin With 100% Natural Extracts Sheet Masks are packed with vitamins and fruit and vegetable extracts to give your skin the best. Your winter BFF!

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