5 Lesser-Known Korean Beauty Hacks To Try For Flawless, Glowing Skin

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 lesser-known Korean beauty hacks to try for flawless, glowing skin

Over the past few years, the beauty industry has seen a surge of Korean beauty products. Right from sheet masks and rice water to BB creams and cushion compacts, the Koreans have introduced us to a bunch of products to help us achieve glowing and dewy skin just like theirs.

But did you know that there are still a few Korean beauty hacks that are not known to many? Yep, really. So we did a little digging and uncovered five lesser-known Korean beauty hacks that you must try for flawless, glowy skin. Excited? Scroll down to find out what they are.


1. Drink barley tea

Create a humid environment

You may have heard of the benefits of green tea and matcha tea, but did you know that drinking barley tea is a common practice in Korea? Rich in antioxidants, this tea helps in fighting free radical damage. Even babies are introduced to this tea early in life to ensure good skin texture and skin tone. What’s more, this tea promotes the formation of collagen and can help with weight loss too!


2. Use muslin cloth for exfoliation

Create a humid environment

Exfoliating beads present in physical exfoliators can be quite abrasive and can damage the skin’s protective layer too. A simple and effective way to get rid of dead skin cells according to Koreans is massaging your face with a muslin cloth dipped in hot water. Start with an upward and downward direction then move on to circular strokes. This will deep cleanse the skin and give it a firm texture.


3. Do facial exercises

Create a humid environment

Apart from following a thorough skincare routine and using the right products that enhance your skin texture, the Koreans also believe in indulging in facial exercises. You don’t even have to Google these facial exercises because their version is quite simple. All you have to do is take 5 seconds minimum to pronounce each vowel — A-E-I-O-U. This helps stretch the facial muscles and helps improve blood circulation.


4. Apply products in tapping motion

Create a humid environment

Another beauty hack we can learn from the Koreans is about product application — they use tapping motion to apply products like moisturisers and serums. When they can’t visit the salon for a facial, they apply a generous layer of moisturiser and then tap fingers in a circular motion all over. This helps in better absorption as well as increases blood circulation, thereby making the skin glow.


5. Create a humid environment

Create a humid environment

Now, this trick might sound a bit weird, but the Koreans believe that to keep your skin moist you should create a humid environment in the room where you sleep. They usually hang a few wet towels in the bedroom before going off to sleep.

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