From playing the role of an unabashed bestie every woman dreams of having to shocking beauty lovers by going full-on Khaleesi platinum blonde — Lisa Haydon is adventurous in both, her choice of characters and beauty. Her approach to beauty is not traditional and we love that. So, on her 34th birthday today, we are compiling a list of smart beauty tips doled out by her. Read on…

01. Her bare face essentials

Her bare face essentials

The fact that Lisa was a model first really comes through while talking about her skincare approach. She keeps things basic and uses natural products. To maintain an enviable bare face she likes to carry a face wash, moisturiser, face oil and lip balm with her at all times.


02. Her go-to beauty smoothie

Her go-to beauty smoothie

Lisa is a self-professed foodie. Since she doesn’t have a dedicated daily beauty routine, the actress attributes her habit of eating right to her skin and hair health. Especially her beauty smoothie — a concoction of spinach, kale and apple — that she drinks every single day.


03. Her go-to hair hack for pools and beach vacays

Her go-to hair hack for pools and beach vacays

Love beach vacays and lounging by the pool? So does Lisa. In order to minimise the damage to her hair, she maintains its health by deep conditioning it after every wash. She also uses a lot of protective hair serum and loves wearing her natural hair to avoid any extra stress on her mane.


04. Her tip for being a beach bum

Her tip for being a beach bum

A quick scroll through her Insta-feed will tell how much Lisa loves being on the beach. The actress has confessed to being allergic to most sunscreens so she protects her face by wearing broad-rimmed hats, staying super hydrated, and always cleansing and moisturising religiously on a beach-day out.


05. Her unique way of dealing with dry skin

Her unique way of dealing with dry skin

The actress has unconventional beauty habits.  As mentioned before, she isn’t a fan of sunscreens and turns out, yet another skincare staple has lost its spot in her vanity… the toner. The actress likes to cleanse and moisturise in order to combat dry skin issues. She also likes to keep her face completely devoid of foundation most times and only goes under her eyes with it. Neat!

Image courtesy: @lisahaydon