The biggest fashion event of the year—Lakmé Fashion Week W/F ’19 kickstarts today and we can’t wait to unravel all the rad beauty trends that will unfold this season. Last minute fittings and backstage action for the shows are on in full swing and amidst all the fashion week madness; we managed to get an interview with the gorgeous model Sony Kaur.

Read on as we get Sony to reveal the season’s biggest beauty trends and get her to spill her best kept beauty secrets...

exclusive interview with model sony kaur beauty at lfw

BB: What do you love about being a model?

SK: I get to wear the most beautiful clothes and that’s what makes the pain we go through totally worth it. 

BB: Any food you rely on for glowing skin

SK: I am not sure about food. But yes, I would suggest drinking lots of water because you need to hydrate yourself and keep your skin healthy.

BB: How do you deal with a bad hair day?

SK: Being a model, I know how to style myself and figure out a way to tackle a bad hair day. If my hair is not looking great I either tie them up or braid them. If my scalp is oily, I use a lot of dry shampoo but that’s about it.  

BB: What beauty trends are you loving right now?

SK: Oh my God, I love glitter and colours. It’s just so beautiful. 

BB: One beauty tip or routine that’s really important for a model?

SK: I think personal hygiene is really important. Using a deodorant to ensure that one smells good is the most important according to me. 

BB: A beauty trend you never want to see again?

SK: This totally depends on the look I am wearing, but personally I don’t prefer a smokey eye and a red lip together, at least one of them should be toned down a little.

BB: What do you prefer for a festive look – bold and dramatic or natural and dewy?

SK: I prefer natural and dewy. I like to keep my makeup very simple and don’t prefer heavy makeup. I love makeup that is clean, classy and colourful.

BB: What is that one product that you see yourself buying the most?

SK: Moisturisers, face washes and face masks.

BB: What’s going to be the biggest trend this season according to you?

SK: I think it’s going to glitter and colours as they are literally everywhere. I think minimal makeup with a hint of colour is going to be huge this next season.

BB: What’s your go-to hairstyle with an Indian outfit?

SK: Braids or open hair, depending on my outfit. 

BB: One beauty tip or hack you have inherited from your mother or grandmother?

SK: My mom has taught me to oil my hair regularly and have a simple but solid skincare routine. Another thing that I have gotten from my mom is my love for lip colours. She usually wears dark colours such as reds and pinks and don’t prefer nudes so I have gotten that from her.  

BB: The theme of LFW this year is #Freeyourlips. So what according to you is the one topic that women should speak up for?

SK: Speak up for what you feel, whatever is not right according to you.

Image courtesy: Instagram