5 Multipurpose Skincare Ingredients Will Revolutionise Your Beauty Routine

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 multipurpose skincare ingredients will revolutionise your beauty routine

Let's just say it like it is — shopping for skincare is therapeutic. The world may be crumbling to pieces, but purchasing yet another mask makes it seem like everything will be okay, even if it's just going to sit on your shelf for a couple of years. But here's the thing. Over-consuming skincare can cause more harm than good — it's not really better for your skin, it's excessive time consuming, your wallet's going to be unhappy, and well... is it really necessary? Whether you're someone who has always sworn by an eleven-step beauty routine, or a novice who's looking to make the most of their products, multipurpose skincare ingredients are your answer.

Created with the intent of shortening your skincare routine and decluttering it, products with multipurpose skincare ingredients can make all the difference between a vanity that looks like it needs to be Marie Kondo-d, and an aesthetic Pinterest daydream. Ahead, we're listing down some of our fave multi-use ingredients (and products!) to help you cut down your routine and help you make the most of your skincare.


1. Vitamin C

05. Bisabolol

The benefits of Vitamin C as a skincare ingredient can't be stressed on enough. From evening out the skin tone to boosting collagen to brightening the skin, the multipurpose ingredient is a must-have for anyone who wants glowing skin without using more than a single ingredient.

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2. Niacinamide

05. Bisabolol

A skin-building ingredient that’s good for you through and through, niacinamide is a powerhouse when it comes to skincare. The multipurpose ingredient treats hyperpigmentation, minimises redness, builds skin immunity, and minimises fine lines and wrinkles as well. We love it.

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3. Witch Hazel

05. Bisabolol

If oily skin has been bringing you down, witch hazel is about to be your go-to for, well, a little bit of everything! From reducing the appearance of pores, to absorbing excessive oil and fighting acne, the multipurpose ingredient is a natural astringent and a skincare must-have for all oily skin-related problems.

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4. Retinol

05. Bisabolol

If you’re a skincare buff, chances are that you’ve come across retinol as an ingredient. The reason for its hype? The hardworking ingredient not only fights acne, but also minimises the signs of ageing, increases collagen production, and combats dull skin to give you glowing, smooth skin like no other.

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5. Bisabolol

05. Bisabolol

You may or may not have come across this ingredient before, but now that you have — add it to your roster already! Bisabolol is an anti-irritant that protects your skin from external everyday damage. But that’s not where its benefits end; it does wonders for damaged skin by promoting skin healing, making the skin more supple, and also preventing the signs of ageing. Now if only it could write our emails too!

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