Neha Dhupia has been named the first-ever brand ambassador of skincare powerhouse Dermalogica in India. Famed for creating unique and award-winning products and treatments, Dermlogica is all for achieving healthy skin while embracing one’s natural skin type and texture. Neha will appear in the digital advertisements of the brand and play an active role in Dermalogica India's social media campaigns as well.

“This feels serendipitous to me. I’ve been a fan of Dermalogica skincare products for almost two decades and now to be able to represent the brand is a privilege,” Neha says.

Neha Dhupia is the first-ever brand ambassador of Dermalogica in India

Talking about Neha’s association with the brand, Pushkaraj Shenai, Head, ProBeauty Brands, Unilever, added, “She [Neha] has regularly consulted our team for skin care treatments and solutions. So, when we thought about an ambassador who trusted and lived by the values of Dermalogica, she was the natural choice.”

Apart from their range of 60+ retail products that deliver major results, Dermalogica also offers customised skincare regimens to each of its customers, provides personalised consultations with skin care therapists, and puts together a list of products for you after mapping your face through an online algorithm. What’s the underlying principle that drives this experience? They understand that no two skin conditions are the same and hence require unique approaches.

“The brand has literally saved my skin and seen me through arc lights, the unforgiving lens of the camera and even two kids! I love that the brand promotes skin health, and empowers women and men to feel good in their own skin,” adds Neha. Shop the full range of Dermalogica products here.