What does a beauty-obsessed millennial do when stuck in lockdown and has run out of excuses to put on makeup? Double down on the skincare of course! Birthday girl Niddhi Agerwal, who also happens to be our August 2020 cover girl, seems to have cracked the code on sittin’ pretty while social distancing at home. 

The Munna Michael star girl, who is making her mark in the industry with her superior acting chops and killer dance moves, happens to follow a thorough skincare routine, which she shared with us in great detail. 

Check out her go-to quarantine skincare routine and take notes, ladies!

Niddhi Agerwal lockdown skincare routine

The pandemic-induced lockdown has been responsible for many skin issues. Triggered by stress, lack of healthy sun exposure and reduced physical activity has affected the skin, making it look dull and lifeless. While Niddhi loves to keep fit by practising yoga, it is her daily skincare routine that can be credited for her plump and glowing skin. Check it out...

Step 01: Cleanses her face with dermat-approved cleanser 

Niddhi likes to start her mornings by cleaning her face. She prefers a dermatologist-recommended cleanser — this makes sense as your dermat will know best as to which formula will suit your skin type and gently clean your face without irritating the skin. 

Step 02: Applies a vitamin C serum 

The next step in the process is a vitamin C serum. This trendy ingredient helps fade dark spots, brightens skin tone and is a potent antioxidant. It also helps boost collagen to keep the skin looking youthful. Niddhi recommends dabbing the serum rather than rubbing it; gently patting the skin with your palm ensures deep absorption and faster drying. 

Step 03: Dabs on her moisturiser 

With the same dabbing motion, Niddhi follows up her serum with a moisturiser. She makes sure to hydrate her neck as well — and that’s a smart move right there since most of us tend to ignore the skin on the neck, which results in premature ageing. 

Step 04: Uses a jade roller to massage her face 

While waiting for her moisturiser to dry, Niddhi likes to massage her face with tools like jade rollers. Face tools help your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin, massages the facial muscles and promotes blood flow. 

Step 05: Never skips sunscreen 

A skincare staple even if you're spending most of your time indoors, Niddhi’s wears a sunblock gel with SPF 40 on the daily. 

Step 06: Swipes on a lip balm 

She finishes off her routine by swiping on a hydrating lip balm to keep her lips moisturised and plump.

Niddhi Agerwal skincare secrets

One thing we were delighted to discover about Niddhi was that she likes to rely on simple solutions rather than a fancy routine. A rosewater mist is her go-to skin refresher and she is quite committed to clean beauty, going as far as cutting out cotton pads or wipes from her routine. 

She also revealed, “I’ve been making my own simple DIY masks. If I’m eating a bowl of fruit, I just rub the fruit on my face for a while. Also, applying no makeup at all during this lockdown has made a huge difference to my skin.” How neat!