All of us know coffee as the drink that makes our mornings better by waking us up and making us feel more productive. But did you know that this might beans also possesses incredible skin-enhancing properties that can actually help you achieve your #SkinGoals? Yep, it’s true.

So on World Coffee Day, today, we’re listing down four amazing benefits of coffee that’ll make you include this hero ingredient in your skincare routine right away!


1. Exfoliates skin

Exfoliates skin

The natural granulated texture of ground coffee makes for an excellent exfoliant. The best part about using coffee as an exfoliator is that it sloughs away dead skin cells without being too harsh on the skin. Using a coffee scrub like the St. Ives Energizing Coconut & Coffee Scrub on a regular basis will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.


2. Reduces puffiness

Reduces puffiness

If you suffer from constant under-eye puffiness, then it would be a great idea to introduce a coffee-based eye cream in your routine. Caffeine is an incredible ingredient that helps to improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels, thereby draining the excess fluid trapped under your eyes. This is what makes it an excellent addition to under-eye creams and serums.


3. Prevents premature ageing

Prevents premature ageing

Coffee is an incredible source of natural antioxidants, which works really well to improve the overall health of your skin and keep premature ageing at bay. These antioxidants constantly strive to protect your skin against various environmental aggressors such as UV rays, dirt, pollution, etc., thereby ensuring that your skin looks glowing and youthful for a long time.


4. Has a brightening effect

Has a brightening effect

Just like coffee helps wake up our mind and body, it also has a similar effect on the skin. Coffee helps in improving blood circulation and stimulates dormant skin cells, which helps to brighten your skin and make it appear soft and smooth.