Sara Ali Khan Birthday Special: 5 Skincare Secrets The Actress Swears By

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Sara Ali Khan birthday special: 5 skincare secrets the actress swears by

All of three films old, she has managed to bowl critics over with her acting chops and, at the same time, won a lot of fans with her fun rhymes and sunny disposition. Be it advocating body positivity or making friends with the paparazzi with her million-dollar smile and signature namaste, the actress has done it all within a couple of years that she's been in the industry. By now, you must have guessed we are raving about the drop-dead gorgeous, Sara Ali Khan.

Right from her glamourous on-duty looks to those salwar kurta clad no makeup appearances, there is not a single time that Sara hasn’t managed to wow us. And since it’s the actress’ 25th birthday today, we decided to do some digging to find out how the young actress manages to look so gorgeous, day in day out. Scroll down to read about Sara’s skincare secrets that give her the confidence to go makeup-free ever so often…


Loves using natural ingredients

Exercises without fail

Even though the actress loves her skincare products, she is a big fan of using natural ingredients from the kitchen. The stunner uses leftover fruits from breakfast as a face mask and also loves using almond powder and honey as a natural scrub to slough away dead skin to keep her complexion clear and glowing.


Uses onion juice for hair

Exercises without fail

Sara owes her gorgeous locks to a common ingredient we all have in our kitchens – onions. Yep, you read that right. Even though it stinks real bad, the lovely actress regularly applies onion juice on her scalp as it helps boost hair growth, curbs hair fall and keeps several hair and scalp woes in check. BRB, chopping some onions.


Gets eight hours of sleep

Exercises without fail

One thing that the actress never compromises on is her beauty sleep — Sara manages to sneak in eight hours of sleep every night. The body repairs itself while you sleep; thus, getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night is super essential to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.


Consumes a healthy diet

Exercises without fail

Even though the actress is a diehard fan of sweets and loves binging on besan laddoos, pancakes and waffles — she tries to limit eating sugar to her cheat days only. Sara follows a healthy diet that consists of chicken, fish, dal, sabzi, fruits, eggs and brown rice regularly.


Exercises without fail

Exercises without fail

The actress knows the importance of working out regularly and says that she feels her most beautiful after an intense workout session that makes her skin glow. From pilates to kickboxing, cardio, swimming and weight training — the actress’ workout regime are diverse and highly effective.

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