Sex And The City Reboot: A Roundup Of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Best Beauty Looks From The Hit Show

Written by Anyuktha NallaniJul 15, 2022
Sex And The City reboot: A roundup of Sarah Jessica Parker’s best beauty looks from the hit show

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We laughed, we cried, we rejoiced and we loved. Six seasons and two movies later, the Sex And The City girls are back with a brand new reboot titled. And Just Like That… we felt 16 again, watching the girls take a trip to Dubai and just experiencing the best and the worst together. Watching the series gave us a rush of joy that’s unexplainable. Not to mention, how utterly obsessed we are with Sarah Jessica Parker’s looks from the reboot. From Carrie’s dreamy designer wardrobe to her on-fleek makeup, we want it all. So, to pay ode to this iconic character, we’re listing down Sarah Jessica Parker’s best looks from the SATC reboot. Check it out…


01. The minimalist

The Indian twist

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The smooth transition from Carrie in a tutu with poofed up curly hair to Carrie in an understated pastel jacket with a low ponytail is flawless. The ever-glowing face with a tad bit of eyeliner and the sleek ponytail is just the classy understated look we didn’t know we needed but are super thankful to lay our eyes upon.


02. The classy bun

The Indian twist

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The blue bodycon dress is just classic Carrie! And I am honestly in awe of how gorgeous SJP looks at 56 and how effortlessly she’s pulling off this look. The gorgeous pulled back bun is such a fresh breath of air as it closely represents a supermodel’s off-duty look and is such a contrast to Carrie’s big poofy bun. This hairstyle looks classy on everybody, regardless of age!


03. A new era of hats?

The Indian twist

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There’s no doubt that SATC has always set trends with its bold and stunning fashion statements. And Carrie has done it yet again with a scarf and hat, which has us wondering if this stunning look of hers is going to bring fancy hats back. But honestly, what makes this look super nostalgic is the classic Carrie waves and the subtle smokey eyes. Ugh, how time flies!


04. Look, she's got a bird on her hair. Again!

The Indian twist

Image courtesy: @ Vogue France 

Who remembers the iconic wedding dress where Carrie wore a bluebird on her hair along with her veil? She has done it yet again, but in a much more minimalist fashion. With beach waves and a bird headband on her head paired with a polka skirt, she looks like the high fashion Disney princess we all need. I don't know about you, but I’m quite motivated to emulate this look, stat.


05. The Indian twist

The Indian twist

Image courtesy: @Norma Davila

Unless you’re living under a social rock, you’ve come across this look of Carrie’s in the past week at least once. While the lehenga is stunning, we can’t stop gushing over her hair, which is the show stopper of the look. The flower-adorned braid is stunning in every way. Definitely bookmarking this for the next virtual wedding we’ll be attending. BTW, who else is getting major Tangled Rapunzel feels with this hairstyle?

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