As we kick off 2022, let’s pledge to keep our body, mind and skin healthy. And in the spirit of being the best versions of ourselves this year, we got you a cheat sheet with five skincare tips to swear by in 2022. These tips are easy to follow and will keep your skin glowing and healthy all year long. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into it…


01. Use an anti-bacterial body wash after workout

Use an anti-bacterial body wash after workout

Well, it’s the beginning of the year so chances are you just took a gym membership to meet your fitness goals for the years. Well, no jokes here; I’m rooting for you, kween! But here’s something to pay attention to: sweat-drenched clothes can cause your pores to clog and result in breakouts all over your body. So whenever you’re done working out make sure to wash your body with an antibacterial body wash to get rid of sweat and bacteria and keep body acne at bay.


02. Use a face massaging tool

Use a face massaging tool

They’re such a great pick-me-up in the morning as they help increase blood circulation and help with lymphatic drainage, resulting in healthier, radiant skin. Face massaging tools like jade rollers and gua sha can also help get rid of puffiness and sculpt the face to give it a more youthful appearance.


03. Use a toner

Use a toner

Toners help restore the pH balance and remove the residual dirt and debris from the surface of the skin after cleansing. A toner is an essential part of skincare routines, especially for people with oily skin or those venturing out of their homes more often. Gently massaging the toner by soaking it in a cotton ball every morning can make your skin look more radiant and glowing.


04. Reduce caffeine intake

Reduce caffeine intake

We know how important your coffee is to get on with the day in a sane manner, but hear us out. Caffeine not only dehydrates the skin but also slows down the rate at which your body makes collagen (the protein responsible for skin elasticity). There are high levels of acid in caffeine that can trigger a stress response in your body. This response alerts your adrenal glands to go into overdrive and release excess hormones – which could alter your blood sugar levels and release excess insulin. The increase of insulin results in more oil being produced and more oil means clogged pores, which lead to acne. So this year, besides splurging on skincare, try reducing your caffeine intake and witness your skin glow up.


05. Incorporate an eye cream into your routine

Incorporate an eye cream into your routine

The skin around your eye is the most sensitive and some products or even physical pressure might damage the skin there. So invest in a good eye cream to keep the area moisturised. Alternatively, treating the under-eye area with green tea-soaked cotton pads can calm inflammation and provide anti-ageing effects.