Ss21: Beauty Trends From The 90S Are Making A Major Comeback, And We’re Here For It

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
SS21: Beauty trends from the 90s are making a major comeback, and we’re here for it

If you are a 90s kid, we are sure you’ll agree to the fact that there was something iconic about that decade. Whether it was the rise of some of our most-loved boy bands or rooting for our favourite sitcom couple (Ross and Rachel), thinking about the 90s still fills us up with so much nostalgia.

This is exactly why finding out that SS21’s biggest beauty trend is all about reviving some of the best beauty trends from the 90s, has gotten us super excited. Ahead, we’ve listed the top five beauty trends from the nineties to flaunt right now.


01. Two-toned lips

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Image courtesy: @ciara_makeup

Who can forget this iconic lip trend of the 90s? Outlining your lips with a darker colour in mostly shades of browns and filling it in with a lighter colour was so dope back then. Popularised by Bollywood actresses of the era, this lip makeup is making a huge comeback in 2021.


02. Bare nails

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Image courtesy: @chloeweddellnails

Another trend from the 90s that’s making a huge comeback in SS21 is flaunting your bare nails. This trend encourages you to give your nails a break from polishes and trendy manicures and allow your natural nails to breathe.


03. Velvety skin

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Image courtesy: @lucruca_press

With most of having spent most of last year wearing no or hardly any makeup, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we are a lot more comfortable in our skin. Which is why the trend of flaunting natural-looking velvety soft skin comes as no surprise. This trend aims at using just a little bit of compact powder to even out the skin while keeping things pretty natural.


04. Cat-winged eyeliner

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Image courtesy: @kerenmakeupart

The 90s was all about dramatic winged eyeliner, and we are here for it! It is time to give up on our usual thin flicks and opt for the pop culture favourite cat winged eyeliner. Pair this eyeliner look with a bodycon LBD, loose big waves, and a nice brown lipstick to look right out of a 90s sitcom.


05. Kohl-rimmed eyes

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Image courtesy: @_natashabellamy_

Speaking of drama, kohl-rimmed eyes is yet another throwback trend from the 90s we are so excited to try out in 21. It is time to say goodbye to subtle smokey eyes and nude eyeshadows and reach out for the most pigmented eye pencil you own to recreate the favourite party eye makeup look from the 90s.

Main image courtesy: @ciara_makeup and @_natashabellamy_

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