Google’s end-of-year search data gives great insight into what the WORLD has been obsessing over. From a celebrity who made headlines all year to beauty concerns that kept everyone up all night, these annual lists are indeed fun to gloss over. When it comes to beauty, though, it seems 2020 was a year of at-home haircare queries, curiosity over skincare ingredients and taking risks without the fear of consequences. Yes, the year has been a rollercoaster indeed and here some of the top beauty searches that we think deserve a special spotlight on...


1. How to plop hair

How to plop hair

Turns out curly-haired girls have been looking to improve their hair wash and styling routine in 2020! Blame it on TikTok, but CGM methods have gotten really popular, with plopping being a technique that many have gotten on board with. The practice calls for drenching your wet curly hair with styling products and plopping them upside down in a t-shirt. The result is better defined, spiral and nourished curls.


2. What is AHA in skincare

What is AHA in skincare

Chemical exfoliation has got a lot of attention in the last couple of years. But 2020 hit it out of the park with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) being a hot topic among beauty enthusiasts everywhere. These sugary fluids help slough off dead skin cells gently for a more even-toned and clear complexion. Given that physical exfoliation methods can often be too harsh for your skin, we are not surprised at this trendy query at all.


3. How to colour your own hair at home

How to colour your own hair at home

Since salons were closed for the longest time (now they are open), at-home hair care and treatments spiked at an astronomical speed. One of them is how to ‘colour your own hair at home’ — a practice hairstylists have been discouraging people from for the longest time. But that still did not stop fashionistas from turning their tresses pastel.


4. What does toner do for you face

What does toner do for you face

This one was a surprise — given that toners have been a skincare staple for a long time, many are still not convinced of its many benefits. Toners not only help balance your skin’s pH levels but also help take care of pores. And yes, toners are essential to be included in your routine, we are big fans of this multipurpose staple!


5. How to cut your own bangs at home

How to cut your own bangs at home

This one is a doozy! The internet in 2020 was littered with videos of enthusiastic girls trying to cut their own bangs and failing — giving weight to the search term of how to cut your own bangs! The result, post-quarantine hair trends catering to how to fix, shape and style a variety of bangs. From curtain bangs to featured fringes, this trend still remains unstoppable.