Should You Wear A Sheet Mask Under Your Medical Mask? We Investigate

Written by Urvi ShahNov 30, 2023
Should You Wear A Sheet Mask Under Your Medical Mask? We Investigate

A cocktail of skin-loving ingredients - that’s how we define the much sought-after sheet-masks that are headlining the standard skincare regimen at the moment. Drenched in concentrated serums, these face-shaped fabrics claim to deliver a befuddling spectrum of benefits to your skin - from hydrating, nourishing, and firming the face to brightening, tightening, and enhancing the quality of your skin, these masks are your go-to makeover miracle. Especially if you’re planning on travelling soon.


The skincare travel hack involving these serum-laden masks

The skincare travel hack involving these serum-laden masks

Recently, skincare enthusiast Alexa Johnson shared with TikTok her in-flight skincare hack involving these nutrition-loaded masks. It’s no surprise that her video was viewed more than 1.6 million times on the internet - what with more of us indulging in unabashed amounts of self-care every now and then.

Ever since the pandemic, a lot of brands have formulated lower-face sheet-masks to ward off the effects of acne caused by the prolonged use of medical masks (also known as mascne). In this case, Johnson purchased a similar sheet-mask to tuck under her actual mask while she was on a flight. She claims she did this to prevent irritation caused by mask-to-skin friction, and rehydrate her skin. And rightfully so - we’re living our everyday lives behind a mask. And when you wear a mask for that long, a build-up of bacteria, oils, and dead cells on your skin is a given. These conditions clog your pores, and lead to severe acne breakouts.

All you have to do is wear one of these half-face masks behind your medical mask. And since it’s an on-the-go product, it’s convenient to use. With winters around the corner, investing in a mask like this seems like a sensible solution to combat dryness, no?

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