Tiktok kept us entertained for the most part of 2020. A favourite among Gen Z, the video-sharing social media app has billions of users creating content on just about every topic under the sun. Being beauty enthusiasts we are constantly on the lookout for beauty tips and hacks, and Tiktok never disappoints.

It’s the perfect place to spot new beauty trends but there are so many that you may not know where to start. We’ve made it easy, here are the top five beauty trends that are popular on Tiktok right now.


01. Fake an eye lift with concealer

Fake an eye lift with concealer

Nothing is more annoying than spending hours on an eye makeup look only to notice that it makes your eyes look droopy. If you have naturally droopy eyes this concealer hack will work for you. Where you apply the concealer makes a lot of difference. To fake an eye lift, apply concealer below your eyebrows and under the eyes. But blend the product upwards towards the hairline.


02. Apply setting spray before blending foundation

Apply setting spray before blending foundation

Do you struggle with blending your foundation or getting that flawless look? Well, we’ve found the perfect hack for you. Apply your liquid foundation all over the face and neck using sponge or brush. Then spritz a generous amount of setting spray all over and allow it to dry off a little. Finally, blend your makeup and watch how smoothly it spreads.


03. Use translucent powder after moisturiser

Use translucent powder after moisturiser

If you are looking for a way to get a smooth and flawless complexion, here’s a little trick that will change your makeup game forever. After applying your moisturiser, dab some translucent powder all over and follow it up with setting spray. Wait for a minute or two and then apply your foundation to witness the best base ever.


04. Give your face a quick massage

Give your face a quick massage

One of the best ways to get glowing skin is to boost the blood circulation by giving yourself a quick massage. A lot of celebrities swear by this trick. All you have to do is wash your hands and face first then massage your ears from top to bottom. Move on to the face, apply a few drops of facial oil or cream and massage your cheekbones with the palms of your hands.


05. Blend your foundation for six minutes

Blend your foundation for six minutes

We are seeing a lot of foundation blending tricks on Tiktok, because let’s admit it they’re never enough. Nobody likes cakey foundation and to avoid that you need to blend your foundation for six whole minutes! Using your makeup sponge blend the foundation evenly on the face and neck, then wrap it with a soft tissue and dab again to pick excess foundation.