Top Beauty Trends Spotted At The Spring/Summer 2022 Runway

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Top Beauty Trends Spotted At The Spring/Summer 2022 Runway

Having ticked off all international fashion weeks from our must-watch list already, we're happy to report that we've garnered beauty trends like no other for Spring/Summer 2022. As we eagerly await the warmer months in the next year, we're letting you in on the top beauty trends spotted at the Spring/Summer 2022 runways shows.

From unconventional makeup to distinctive hairstyles, there's a look for every mood. Ahead, we're listing down our fave trends that are going to be big next year, so bookmark this for later — you'll thank us, we promise.


01. Graphic eyes

05. Throwback tresses

Image courtesy: @emrata

Whether it was Versace's parrot green eyes at Milan Fashion Week or Dior's double-winged liner, it seems like bold, graphic eye makeup is all the rage. Take your pick between pastels and bright shadows, coloured liner or black all the way, and let your inner artist run wild. After a year of staying indoors with minimal makeup, this is just what the doctor ordered!


02. Slick hair

05. Throwback tresses

Image courtesy: @giorgioarmani

Armani, Versace, Dior — if the biggies are doing it, there's bound to be some truth to it! Spanning across all fashion weeks worldwide, slick hair seems to be one of the biggest beauty trends come Spring/Summer 2022. Whether you've got a pixie cut, or waist-length locks, invest in a hair spray and some leave-in serum, STAT!


03. Bleached brows

05. Throwback tresses

Image courtesy: @katie.johnson24

The numerous Instagram reels already foreshadowed this trend and fashion weeks merely confirmed it. From Richard Quinn to DSquared2, bleached brows were spotted all throughout the Spring/Summer 2022 showcase — and may we just add, this trend is not for the faint-hearted!


04. Glitter everywhere

05. Throwback tresses

Image courtesy: @blumarine

Remember as a child when you'd play around body glitter for hours? Well, the dream of it being socially-appropriate to wear glitter just became a reality because body glitter was all everywhere. From hair glitter by Marni to bold explosions of shimmer by Blumarine, it seems like everyone's gearing up for the music festivals to come. We can't wait!


05. Throwback tresses

05. Throwback tresses

Image courtesy: @versace

Pin-straight hair reminiscent of the '90s? Check. Feathery '90s blowouts? Check. Centre parts all around? Check, check, and check! In agreement with the current zeitgeist that's brought Y2K beauty back, the runways gave subtle nods to the '90s and early '00s with it-girl hair looks that are easy to recreate and look stunning too. Can it just be spring of 2022 already?

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