Got a nail appointment coming up soon? Let us give you some spectacular acrylic nail art ideas that you can get recreated at the nail salon. The world of acrylic nails is more or less whimsical. If you think acrylic works on only extra-long nails, you should know that acrylic nail art lets you experiment with diverse nail lengths and shapes – square, ballerina and oval to almond and stiletto – along with an assortment of colours and patterns to suit your mood for the day.

So if you’re due for a manicure and want to shake things up a little, check out our roundup of acrylic nail ideas that feature something for everyone. From basic to bold, bookmark your fave!


1. Swarovski dreams

Swarovski dreams

Try these embellished nails carved out in mid-length stiletto shapes to take your acrylic nail game a notch up. The colour palette is majorly light pink, speckled with shimmer particles and tiny Swarovski crystals for a wholesome sparkly effect.


2. Love me some melon

Love me some melon

We know, long (dramatically long) acrylic nails can appear to be a tad daunting. Not to forget, they are a little high-maintenance too. And if you like to sport shorter nails, this watermelon-themed acrylic nails with two shades of pink, green and white are just the right fit for you.


3. In love with logos

3.In love with logos

Nails that display your love for luxury fashion? We got you! Since luxury logos have been a forever crowd-favourite, you can bookmark this elegant LV-inspired acrylic nail art stamped with the gilded logo of LV on a matte brown paint palette. Simple yet elite, isn’t it?


4. Yes to neon

4. Yes to neon

One glance at these acrylic nails, we instantly went back to our childhood days of binge-watching Goosebumps, that spooky-horror TV series (remember, anyone?) We’d say this is a rather trend-forward twist on neon nails, with misty swirls of slimy green and white pattern running across square-shaped acrylic nails.


5. A black surprise

5. A black surprise

Are you bored of basic black nails? Let this one be your next inspo for a more modern gothic concept that will match a spectrum of moods and outfits. Sculpted in stiletto lengths, this acrylic set flaunts a stunning blend of gradient nude paint along with glossy black and gritty black textures, topped with swirls and curvy patterns on little and index nails.

Main image courtesy @nailsbydaovo