Whether you have bae holding your hand on Valentine’s Day or you’re planning to sip on cocktails with your girls or simply watch Netflix and relax by yourself at home, we got the perfect solution for you — indulge in some skincare! Well, we at BeBe are so obsessed with skincare that all our plans revolve around it *true story*. Well, this year we got to thinking looking at all the roses showering upon girls on social media, and wondered, hmm… why can’t we do a rose-themed skincare routine, which let’s admit, is far more romantic and practical than rolling in flowers (still would love some flowers, ngl). So, let’s dive in to add a threesome to your couple’s Valentine’s celebration — skincare! And if you’re single, then yay you got the perfect Valentine, which is honestly never going to leave you high and dry (pun intended).


01. For couples

For couples

Draw in a bath in a bathtub and sprinkle some rose water and rose petals in it. Light some candles around the bathtub, get your jazz playlist on or even your couple’s playlist and hop into it with your beau.

You can lather on some Love Beauty & Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Moisturising Body Wash for an invigorating experience of the sweet smelling body wash. *Is it getting hot in here?*

After you’re out, you can turn masseuse for your bae and moisturise with the  Love Beauty & Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Glow Body Lotion

Sip on some champagne and eat some exotic strawberries while you reminisce about your relationship. Well, if this isn’t a steamy, delicious and perfect Valentine’s, we don’t know what is!


02. For Galentine’s

For Galentine’s

So you’re with your gal pals and want to spend the entire day with some self pampering and some much needed relaxing indulgence right? Grab your jammies and get ready for the best V-day ever! Not exaggerating.

Start off with moisturising and prepping for the day with  Vaseline Rose Water Gel  so you can smell sweet like a flower.

Grab some rosé and experiment with fun sangrias and cocktails! Rosé instead of rose works for the best of us, ahem!
You and your BFFs can slather on Lakmé Blush And Glow Strawberry Sheet Masks to truly pamper your skin while you listen to some Taylor Swift! End the day by watching some romcoms and eating chocolate-dipped strawberries or hot chocolate with marshmallows. You can also go about town with your bestie to find someone to end the Valentine’s with if not start *wink*.


03. For the singles

For the singles

Let’s face it, Valentine’s as a single can feel damn annoying with couples getting extra cheesy and all your single friends getting more eager to find a Valentine date. No judging, we’ve been there! But if you are someone who’s single and likes it that way but wants to celebrate self-love on V-Day, stay with us because we’ve got it all planned.

Start the day with a relaxing hair wash while listening to your favourite playlist. Use the Love, Beauty & Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

Next, when you step out, moisturise with the Love Beauty & Planet’s Murumuru Butter & Rose Glow Body Lotion. All these products smell so delish that you’re sure to get into V-day spirit making these products your valentines- trust us!

Follow this with some lip loving with the Vaseline Lip Tins in Rosy Lips to nourish your lips for that perfect pout.

Next, honestly- do whatever makes you happy! The ultimate form of self-care is to keep your mind in its comfort zone. Light up some candles, watch your favourite comfort movie, eat your comfort food, read an old favourite. Go on a walk by yourself. Anything you want, it’s your day too!