If you, like us, gush over every cute and pretty nail art that pops up on your social media feed, then chances are you already know about the viral nail art tool that everyone and their neighbours have been trying. This hack makes recreating the classic French Manicure a cakewalk and can easily be recreated from the comfort of your home. Read on.


What’s the buzz about?

What’s the buzz about?

If you, like us, don’t have steady hands (and patience) when it comes to creating dainty nail arts, there is a new nail tool that’s going to be your go-to — the silicone nail stamper.

What is it? A rounded, clear piece of silicone in a holder that is basically used to transfer nail paint to your nails without much effort or precision. Yes, a single piece of silicone can make the gorgeous yet daunting French manicure an easy-peasy task. Keep scrolling as we break down the whole process for you.


How to do a French manicure at home using a silicone stamper

How to do a French manicure at home using a silicone stamper?

Step 1: Start by prepping your nails with a base coat.

Step 2: Next off, pick the colour you want to apply on the tips. You can either go with the classic white or choose Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour - Blue Scape to add a pastel hue to your nails.

Step 3: It’s showtime! Grab your silicone nail stamper and paint a thin layer on the rounder end of the tool. Then, at a 45-degree angle, press the tip of your nail into that polished end and pull it out in the same direction.

Step 4: You can choose as many colours or layers as you want on your nail tips at this stage. Once you’re satisfied with the colour, swipe the topcoat to seal the deal, and that’s it! It really can’t get easier than this.