What if we told you that the latest skincare trend doing the rounds promises to deliver intensely moisturised, supple and glowing skin and that too, overnight? Sounds too good to be true, right? Invented by K-beauty and made popular by Reddit, slugging is a simple moisturising technique that delivers hydrated and goddess-like glowing skin overnight. Nope, no kidding!

Perfect for those dealing with severely dry or combination skin types, especially during the winters. Slugging involves applying a layer of Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly all over your face and neck before retiring for the day. This is because Vaseline contains petroleum and mineral oil, both of which are occlusive agents that help lock moisture into the skin and prevent epidermal water loss.

girl with nice skin

This method relies on the premise that dry skin is usually the result of a compromised skin barrier. Applying Vaseline is a great way to form a protective layer of moisture over dry and damaged skin, and repair it while you snooze. This ensures that you wake up to hydrated, extremely soft and radiant-looking skin.

While this is an excellent remedy for people with dry, combination and mature skin types, those of you with sensitive, oily and acne-prone should steer clear of it. Why? Well, even though Vaseline is non-comedogenic, applying a thick or multiple layers of emollient on your skin could trap in dead skin and bacteria, increasing the risk of breakouts.

Even if you have dry skin, it is best to first take into account what your skin feels like and consider what it needs and then resort to slugging. This moisturising technique will work best on the days when your skin feels really dry and dull and is in need of some extra TLC.

girl with nice skin

So now that you know what slugging is, here’s how to do it: –

Step 01: Start with thoroughly cleaning your face to get rid of makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities trapped into your skin.

Step 02: Follow it up with a toner to balance your skin’s pH levels, follow it up with serums and some lightweight moisturiser.

Step 03: Finally, take a coin-sized amount of the Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and smooth it out all over your face and neck.

Simple, isn’t it? This method will moisturise your skin while you sleep and ensure that you wake up to perfectly hydrated, baby soft, and gorgeous dewy skin the next morning.