Experts Want You To Stop Washing Your Face In The Am Once You Hit 35 — Here’s Why

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Experts want you to stop washing your face in the AM once you hit 35 — here’s why

Washing our faces is like second nature to us. Skin breaking out? Let's wash our faces. Feeling a little sweaty? Lather on the face wash. Just having a bad day? Well, a little face washing can't hurt. But by the time you hit 35, it's like the universe decides to play a cruel little joke by introducing many ingredients that you really can't use. Your favourite spot treatment cream suddenly makes you break out, you need insanely high doses of SPF to get through a day indoors, and according to experts — you need to stop washing your face in the morning.

Sounds strange, right? Apart from coffee, let's be real, morning face washes are the only thing that makes us feel (sort of) alive and ready to take on the day. But experts suggest that washing your face in the morning strips the skin of its natural oils, which you need to look younger and have healthier skin. So does that mean everyone should be skipping washing their faces in the morning? Well, yes! When the skin ages, its outer layer becomes thinner, and it's less likely to retain moisture. There are certain dermatologists who recommend skipping an a.m. face wash at any age — but it becomes especially important around the time you hit 35. Now that we've got that semi-horrifying news, let's look at what we can do to make our skin look a little fresh in the morning.


01. Use micellar water

03. Add different topical ingredients

Swap your regular cleanser with some trusty micellar water. It's a gentler alternative that will help you get rid of all skin impurities without drying out your face, and it'll help you get that to-strive-for glow instead! Check out the Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water Hydrating Aloe Vera, which is supercharged with the goodness of vitamins and hydrating aloe vera.


02. Cleanse at night instead

03. Add different topical ingredients

See, we're not telling you to cut out cleansers altogether! Cleansing is a super important part of a skincare routine — we're just suggesting you do it at night instead! It'll help you get rid of all the dirt, pollution and whatnot that you may have encountered during the day, and will help regenerate your skin when you sleep. Use the refreshing Lakmé Blush and Glow Berry Smash Gel Face Wash to wash away all impurities.


03. Add different topical ingredients

03. Add different topical ingredients

Sorry, but if you don't have a roster of different topical ingredients by the time you turn 35 that you need to maintain youthful skin, what are you doing? (Also, can we steal your skin? It sounds flawless.) But enhancing your skin's hydration through ingredients like ceramides and glycerin is an important addition to any post (and pre)-35 skincare regimen. It will strengthen your skin’s barrier and help it retain moisture. No more dryness!

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