5 Times Ananya Panday Gave Us Major Hairstyle Goals

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 times Ananya Panday gave us major hairstyle goals

The only thing that sets international celebs apart is their experimental style statements. While desi celebs are always seen sticking to their safe go-to hairstyles like a top knot or a ponytail, their international counterparts bring the most unique looks to the table.

But things are about to change. The new kid on the block, Ananya Panday along with her hairstylist, Ayesha DeVitre has been giving us major hairstyle goals every time she steps out. The 21-year-old actress was seen wearing the trendiest and never-before-seen hairstyles for the promotion of her upcoming movie. Take a look.


Pinned down

Ponytail with Christmas clips

Bollywood divas’ love for top knots in undying, but they can surely spruce it up with some accessories, Ananya shows us how. We love this creatively done hairstyle. Looks like your regular topknot from the front and super chic from the back. Putting safety pins to some creative use!


Messy side braid

Ponytail with Christmas clips

The best thing about messy braids is that the messier the better. That’s exactly what this look is all about. A regular side braid upgraded with a gold accessory and pulled out to make it look messier. We are taking notes, are you?


String-tied braid

Ponytail with Christmas clips

The string-tied braid is already in the list of the most creative hairstyles of 2019 and we can see why! It’s smart, modern, never-before-seen and chic. We can’t find a single reason to not love this look. Ayesha DeVitre we love your creativity!


Overlapped braid

Ponytail with Christmas clips

We have seen many versions of the half up half down hairstyles, but nothing comes close to this look. Super-sleek half down hair combined with overlapped rope braids is an unusual but welcome combination. Don’t miss the gold accessory that keeps this hairdo in place and ties the whole look together.


Ponytail with Christmas clips

Ponytail with Christmas clips

Feeling Christmas-y yet? If not, this hairstyle might just put you in the mood. A ponytail with Santa and Rudolph clips is an overload of cuteness we weren’t prepared for! We’re surely going to try this look for Christmas, are you?

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