The BeBeautiful family is a big fan of K-beauty, and it goes beyond just their elaborate and effective skincare practices. Korean makeup and hairstyling are also in a league of their own; with K-pop stars leading the pack in establishing the coolest trends of the season. The mega sensation, Blackpink, has been relatively new on the scene. But has still managed to garner a huge fanbase who, in addition to their catchy songs, drool over their styling as well.

Especially when it comes to putting together adorable, flip-worthy hairstyles to wear on one of their supercharged live performances. These girls know a thing or two about getting cute with hair. And since an intimate party season is just around the corner, we figured recreating the awesome hair looks from the band members will be so fun. Ahead, four Blackpink-inspired hairstyles to try this party season.


01. Rosé’s signature pigtails


Image courtesy: @roses_are_rosie

Rosé is possibly the most experimental when it comes to hair colours. Still, the styling is always kept minimal and cute. This girl loves pairing her pigtails with face-framing loose tendrils in the front. This hairstyle is both trendy and super fun. You can either wear it with your natural texture or straighten it with a blow-dryer, lightly flipping the ends in. Avoid making it pin-straight because then the pigtails might fall flat.


02. Jennie’s faux high pony


Image courtesy: @jennierubyjane

‘Blinks’ will know that the totally adorable Jennie does not have bangs! But she loves to wear high ponytails during her performances so why not throw in some clip-in bangs with ponytail extensions as well! Investing in these fabulous hairpieces won’t be a one-time thing either because you can just pop them on and instantly switch up your look whenever you want. Also, that grey ribbon looks so good with her soft yellow ensemble!


03. Jisoo’s goth braids


Image courtesy: @sooyaaa__

Jisoo is easily the hair maverick among the lot. She often creates looks that don’t fit the mould of a ‘girl group’ member. These simple yet characterful goth braids paired with loose tendrils in the front is such a cool look. With simple accessories like velvety ribbons, this tight braid can be easily created on any hair texture, and length.


04. Lisa’s baby space buns


Image courtesy: @lalalalisa_m

The baby of the group, Lisa likes to keep her hair looks on the edgier side to suit her rapper persona. Her current mane has sneaky blonde bits mixed with jet black hair, which she often styles in trendy styles like these half-up baby buns. Anybody rocking the shorter lengths this winter can take a note from her on how to make even a blunt cut look fierce!

Main image courtesy: @blackpinkofficial