Of late, Shraddha Kapoor has been giving us major hairstyle goals. Judging by her latest looks, it’s safe to say that the actress has managed to master the hair game with the help of her hairstylist, Nikita Menon.

Apart from styles, Shraddha has also been experimenting with hair accessories and we are obsessed. Here are five hairstyles that prove Shraddha Kapoor’s hair game is strong AF!


01. Boxer braids

01.	Boxer braids

If we didn’t see this picture ourselves we would’ve never believed that the lover of all things simple opted for something as bold as boxer braids with bright pink extensions. Although the look was created for her upcoming movie, we can’t get enough of how stunning this hairstyle looks on Shraddha. Maybe she should try more of these experimental hairstyles?


02. Textured bun

02.	Textured bun

Super edgy and trendy, Shraddha’s textured bun is what messy bun goals are made of. Give your combs and hairs brush a break, and use your fingers to detangle your hair and create this effortlessly stylish hair ‘do.


03. Twisted braids

03.	Twisted braids

There are fishtail braids and there are twisted braids but have you ever seen a combination of the two? We didn’t either, that is until Shraddha decided to sport a melange of the two most loved hairstyles. To get this look, create two fishtail braids and twist them together, secure with a hair tie and done. Easy-peasy!


04. Half bun with gajra

04.	Half bun with gajra

When it comes to traditional hairstyles, women often complain that there’s not much to do. Well, Shradhha proves us wrong with this half bun gajra hairstyle. Grab the top half section of your hair and secure it into a tight bun. Wrap a gajra around it and let the rest of your hair fall loose.


05. Sleek hair

05.	Sleek hair

Voluminous and wavy hair has always been Shraddha’s jam but it is so refreshing to see her in this centre-parted, sleek hair with some wisps let loose.

We can’t wait to see what the actress does next!

Image courtesy: Instagram