In support of Dove’s #LetsBreakTheRulesofBeauty campaign, and their mission to celebrate women and their beauty without any digital distortion— Grazia roped in actor Taapsee Pannu for an interview; where she revealed what it was like to grow up with her unconventional curly hair and how she finally embraced her natural beauty. Here are the excerpts from the interview...


Growing up

Growing up

As school kids we all looked forward to Sunday, but for Taapsee this day of the week was dedicated to grooming her long, curly and voluminous hair. “I used to dread it, because it was so hard to go through the pain. My mom used to help wash my hair for the longest time because it was unmanageable. It was a wrestling match that would go on from the bathroom to the balcony, where it would take 45 minutes just to untangle my hair,” she says.


When the actress reached grade 11 she did what most haircuts for teenage girls with curly hair would do, she saved her pocket money and got her hair straightened. However, she soon realised her mistake when her hair became brittle and started shedding. That’s when Taapsee decided to accept her hair the way it was and to her surprise people started complimenting her on how unique her hair was! She says, “My own sister would want to wave or curl her hair. Mine, I realised then was a rarity and decided to own it.”




Just like most of us, as a young girl Pannu too was conditioned by the beauty stereotypes of our world, “We’re never shown that it is okay to be different” she states. It took her years to realise that her natural hair is normal and beautiful. “It was a bit of a struggle to break the conditioning and the stereotypes. But there comes a time when you realise you have to accept and love yourself.”


Being a 90s kid; Bollywood had a huge impact on how Taapsee perceived beautiful hair. All the actresses back then had straight, blow dried and silky hair, nobody flaunted their curls. But that didn’t stop the beauty from aspiring to be a part of the industry. She entered the film industry at a time when the perceptions of beauty were changing, it worked in her favour and some of the most famous directors ‘wanted her hair to be the way it is.’


The actress often receives tweets asking about her hair care routine and she advises young girls to not make the mistake she did–avoid straightening it. Although Taapsee spent years trying to tame her hair, she now believes “My curly hair is my identity. It is a part of me.”

Just how lovely it is, to be able to be you!

Image courtesy : Grazia